Pick Your Rune And Find Out Your Future

Pick Your Rune And Find Out Your Future

Runic alphabetic was uses as a first system of writing which was developed by Germanic people. Even though the runes were used as letters they had a much bigger and important meaning.

Power’s cosmological principle was represented by each rune. The runes had ideographic or pictographic meaning. The name rune in Proto-Germanic words is called runo, means letter, secret or mystery. The runes have names, each one of them to be exact.

The image below allows you to choose one rune, and then read the message it sends:

Rune 1:

The meaning of this ancient rune is stability, safety and prosperity. It sends you a message to start making goods after the long and hard work you’ve had. And this is not only in terms of the material objects, it tells you to collect and get the spiritual ones too. Soon, you will experience something very new on the spiritual field (a new or renewed love).

Rune 2:

The meaning of this rune is change, a free will and speed. If so far you haven’t experienced big changes, you are about to experience. Don’t be afraid of the news. You will eventually find it fantastic to live in that pace and accept it.

Rune 3:

The meaning of this rune is power, health and success. The message of this rune is that you are about to experience a huge emotional progress, and what’s most important for you, you will eventually discover that you were right about the big issue you’ve had.

Rune 4:

If you chose this rune it means that right now you have very difficult, unsolvable problem. But the truth is, you are going to be supported and protected by a certain high power. Even though you are entering a storm, your small boat will manage to save you and bring you a victory!

Rune 5:

The message that this rune sends is that you are in a place where you give a lot to others. You are generous and the kindest one in your group. Because of these characteristics, many of your successes will come faster and people will appreciate your companion.

Rune 6:

This rune’s message tells you nothing more but that you are in a very pleasant spiritual phase in which you found out the calmness and love. The peace in this phase came or will come after the sad period and you will feel nothing more but blessed to be alive.

Source > wisdom-path.net

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