Forget About Pills and Just Drink Lemon Water if You Have These 12 Health Problems

Forget About Pills and Just Drink Lemon Water if You Have These 12 Health Problems

We’ve all heard about lemon water and its amazing health benefits so by now we all know that drinking warm lemon water every morning is the best thing we could do for our health. Lemons are rich in vitamins C and B, carbs, volatile oils, potassium and many other useful ingredients and regular consumption of lemon water will give your immunity a power boost. It will also improve your digestion, balance your pH values and stimulate weight loss.

If this wasn’t enough, lemon water can also help you with the following health problems, even better than the usual drugs and medications:


If you suffer from acne lemon water can help you reduce their appearance and prevent future outbreaks. All you need to do is clean your face with some lemon juice and rinse it with water afterwards.

Kidney stones

Since lemon juice is rich in potassium it increases the urine’s citrate levels and prevents oxalates formation.

Poor Immunity

As we already mentioned, lemon water improves your lymphatic function and strengthens your immune system, making it easier for it to detect pathogens and eliminate them from the body.

Healthy weight loss

You can stimulate weight loss by drinking warm lemon water every morning. Lemons are rich in numerous vitamins which regulate your sugar levels, they contain pectin, a type of fiber which helps you control your cravings and improves your digestion.

Pain in the Gallbladder

If you suffer from this problem you need to drink lemon water alongside your meals and you’ll feel much better.

Flu and cold

Lemons are abundant in vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant and has powerful antibacterial properties. This comes in handy in the fight against the common cold and the flu and cuts back on your recovery time significantly.


Lemon water is the best cure for GERD. Forget about your pills and start drinking it every day. You’ll feel much better in under two weeks.

Weak Nails

If your nails are weak, rub some lemon juice on them every day and you’ll strengthen them significantly.

Food poisoning

You should drink lemon water while travelling abroad as it will prevent food poisoning.


If you’re constantly exhausted as a result of your fibromyalgia start doing yoga and drink lemon water.


Lemons have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which help you neutralize the acidity in your body. If your body isn’t acidic, you’re less likely to suffer from inflammations.

Sore Muscles and Joint Pain

If you suffer from post-workout soreness in the muscles drink lemon water and you’ll prevent it. The same goes for joint pain and swelling.

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