The Pros and Cons of Dating People according to their Zodiac?

The Pros and Cons of Dating People according to their Zodiac?


Pro for Aries: They are ready to fight all of your enemies.

Con for Aries: Eventually they will fight you as well.


Pro for Taurus: They are almost always ready to cook for you.

Con for Taurus: Most likely they will eat all the food they cooked “for you”.


Pro for Gemini: They radiate charm and sweetness.

Con for Gemini: They will be charming and sweet with people you do not really care about.


Pro for Cancer: You will receive endless cuddles.

Con for Cancer: The cuddles are really endless; you will not be able to breathe.


Pro for Leo: They are really magnificent people to be around.

Con for Leo: Next to them you will look like nothing. (Ouch)


Pro for Virgo: They are direct and you will never have hygiene related problem with them.

Con for Virgo: They will never forget to point out if your hygiene is poor.


Pro for Libra: They are thinking of marriage with you.

Con for Libra: People a lot better than you, would love to marry him/her.


Pro for Scorpio: They are very punctual people.

Con for Scorpio: They will complain a lot if you are not punctual.


Pro for Sagittarius: Fun is something you won’t be missing when you are around them.

Con for Sagittarius: They are going to do some fun stuff when you are not there and later will tell you about it.


Pro for Capricorn: They will buy a puppy for you.

Con for Capricorn: Will hog the puppy to him/herself.


Pro for Aquarius: They will share with you some awesome stuff they know.

Con for Aquarius: They will also share the boring stuff they know.


Pro for Pisces: They will always offer their shoulder for you to cry on.

Con for Pisces: They will cry a lot more on yours. (Buy some tissues)

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