Psychologist Reveals The Most Critical Factor in Any Relationship, And It’s Not Honesty

Psychologist Reveals The Most Critical Factor in Any Relationship, And It's Not Honesty

We all wonder what could be the one factor that is the most important in a relationship. According to some people, it is honesty, while others say it is communication that is the most important. On the other hand, a psychologist who has counseled over a thousand of couples says that it is neither of those two things. This psychologist, John Kim, says that respect is the number one important quality and without it, a relationship will not function properly.

Those who have experienced a relationship without respect will know exactly the meaning of it.

John Kim, also says that people tend to not pay attention to respect as much as they should because it is a base for good relationship.

Without respect, you cannot have trust. This means if you have respect you will build trust then a safe space and all that leads to a healthy relationship.

John Kim explains that respect means that none of the partners has authority or power over the other partner. In other words it means that you do not have to have the same opinions and judgments with your partner, instead, you should let your partner be as he/she wants and learn to love them as such.

Simply do not try to control your partner and just grow together and be stronger.

You always have to ask yourself, if the relationship you are in has mutual respect and if it doesn’t, then you are in an unhealthy relationship.

You need to try to change this situation and together with your partner build the trust that you both once had or it never was there in the beginning.

The right thing you can do is to never compromise yourself, which means if you find yourself in a relationship where your partner is not giving you respect, then you are not giving yourself any value.

This also goes for you as well and you need to pay the same kind of respect to your partner as the one you want to receive. In a situation where you let your relationship to be missing respect, you are not letting that relationship to grow.

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