Psychologists Say That This 1 Question Can Reveal Everything About Someone’s Personality

Psychologists Say That This 1 Question Can Reveal Everything About Someone’s Personality

Reading people can be quite challenging, especially at first sight, as everyone wants to make a good first impression so they’ll try to show off their strongest personality traits. Whether it’s a colleague, a prospective partner, or a simply acquaintance, judging a person’s character can be difficult at the beginning, at least until you get to know them better and reveal all their advantages and faults.

Is there a way you can tell if a person is even worth your time from the very start? Can you reveal his or her personality from the time you meet them?

Many people would say no, but science has a different answer to this question. Anyone you ask would tell you that there’s no way you can reveal a person’s character from the first encounter, you need to get to know them better until you can conclude what kind of person he or she is. But the latest study reveals that you can tell a lot about someone’s personality if you just ask them one simple question, what they think about someone else.

The Wake Forest University professor Dustin Wood says that how you perceive other people tells a lot about your personality and character. If you see them positively your positive traits come to the surface as well. If you see others positively and feel positively about other people it’s sign of your own happiness and satisfaction in life and a sign that you too are well liked.

People who are unhappy or dissatisfied in life will probably give a negative answer about others, as they feel negative about themselves as well.

Narcissists and anti-social people would also give a negative answer as they’re prone to being critical to others.

Professor Wood explains that quite a large number of negative character traits are connected with the negative view of other people. People who see others negatively tend to have an overall negative attitude in life and are more prone to personality disorders and depression.

It may be a good idea to ask a person you first meet what they think of someone else as it may show you how they view themselves. People tend to first mention traits they see in themselves so when they describe someone else they may be sharing bits and pieces of their own character.

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