This Meticulous Psychology Test Will Reveal Your Darkest and Deepest Personality…

This Meticulous Psychology Test Will Reveal Your Darkest and Deepest Personality…

I have done many psychology tests and till now this is the most precise one! It was so accurate that I got scared!

All of us think that we know each other, until we start exploring our sub consciousness where the depths of our personality are hidden.

What we are aware of is just superficial. Actually, we don’t have a clue who we truly are! That is the reason why we cannot accept the truth that is being told to us by someone else. After going through this psychology test, everything was clear to me.

Still, after couple of days we tend to forget about this and we return to our old behaviorism.

In the 20th century, the Hungarian psychiatrist Lepold Szondi has created this brilliant test so he can discover the darkest and deepest impulses based on dislike and compassion of certain photos of psychopaths.

The test is created on the basis of the general idea that, what we found inappropriate at others is the same that caused bothering to ourselves when we were young and we are trying to keep it back now.

Read the following psychology terms before you start the test:

–    Repression: Regarding the psychoanalysis, this is one of the most important defensive characteristic that we own. This function is sending everything that we feel uncomfortable about, to our unconscious.

–    Denial: This is completely opposite of desire and it is a process by which we deny the things we want and accept the things that we hate.

–    Sublimation: Transferring suppressed wishes and and behaviors to choices that are acceptable for the society, for example: hobbies connected with art, choices made regarding the profession and other habits.

This amazing psychology test will discover your darkest and deepest personality

The original test that was created back in the 20th century consisted of 6 sets with pictures from 8 people. Each of them has been categorized as: homosexual, a sadist, an epileptic, a katatonic, a hysteric, a schizophrenic, a depressive and a maniac.

Here is a short version of the test, because the complete test couldn’t be provided in only one blog post.

It is very meticulous and accurate!

Instructions: Look at the images bellow and choose one of the portraits that you are afraid of and you never want to meet this person, especially in dark. Read the explanation about the number of the portrait that you picked.

This Meticulous Psychology Test Will Reveal Your Darkest and Deepest Personality…

Important note: Do not take the results from the test for granted. You don’t have a mental issue because this test was created to make a presumption about the things that we denied combined with the type of personality regarding the psychoanalysis.


1)  Sadist


You have probably suppressed feelings in the early phase of your life connected with authoritarianism or tendency to lead, and you have weakness for bad intentions. If you have chosen the portrait of this teacher you might have suppressed some rude or humiliating behaviors in the unconscious.


You like to help the people around you and you are very calm. If you are working at office, your managers can have hard times dealing with you. You often create obstacles if you don’t want to do things (like expressing your terrible mood or getting very late at work). When someone creates problems and when you are the one that has to be defended, you are always acting with disobedience.

2.) Epileptic


If this man that you chose made you feel scared, you have probably repressed similar feelings to your subconscious. You may suffer from brain disease or brain malfunction and some of the diagnosis include syndromes of being impulsive, aggressive and furious.


People always describe you as being reasonable, sociable and calm person. You have self-control over the situation, you can communicate really well and you don’t find hard to connect with people.

3) Katatonic


This mental disorder includes things that are imagined in a negative point of view. If this man has woken up your negative feelings, you have probably repressed excessive activity of your mind, which will make you lose contact with what is real.


You are conservative and you cannot adjust to new environments. You are very shy and reserved and the thing that you are most afraid of is having no self-restraint. You are stubborn and you don’t want to think out of the box.

4.) Schizophrenic


The schizophrenics often deal with constant lack of interest, unstable feelings and thoughts misinterpretation. If this deadpan face makes you feel creepy, you have probably hidden a feeling of apathy and you have avoided people or events in the early phase of your life.

5.) Hysteric


The hysterical people are suffering from insecure feelings, arrogance and attention-seeking behavior. If this lady is the one that you are most afraid of, maybe you hid the need of attention and the need of being noticed.


You look like a very humble person. Being shy and reserved has somehow made the people attracted to you. You are wasting time on your physical appearance and your attitude. You like to be good-looking and elegant and you always wear accessories that are catchy for the eye.


There is a great chance that these people will choose a fancy job or hobby.

6.) Depressive


Having no self-confidence, mediocrity and feeling guilty are the first symptoms of being depressed.

If this picture scared you the most, it means that you may be depressed but you try to keep everything under control.


You may be sociable and cheerful person. You have positive energy and you are confident. However, you can get easily upset and you can be sad as well. There are times when you feel gloomy.


You often shift the feeling of being depressive to being psychologist and trying to solve the problems of other people.

7) Maniac


There are different diagnoses of mania that may include exhibitionism, excessive money spending, and uncontrolled emotions. If this face made you feel disgusted, it means that you are excited and you should definitely keep this feeling under control.


You don’t want to be noticed with your appearance; you hate crowded places and any kind of exaggeration. You are modest, rational and you like to keep things discrete. You behavior is always controlled.

8.) Dissociative identity disorder


This mental disorder usually appears to the people who wish to live and be part of the opposite gender. If this picture scared you, maybe you have repressed problems about your identity or gender.


You have confirm your gender and you have done it with putting so much focus on it, to the  extent that: if you are male you are a macho and if you are female, you always try to look flawless so you can attract and seduce men.

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