Possessing 4 Of These 10 Qualities Makes You One Of The Very Few Unique People On Earth!

Possessing 4 Of These 10 Qualities Makes You One Of The Very Few Unique People On Earth!

Carl Jung was a popular Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of analytical psychology. His work was influential in psychiatry, but also in philosophy, archaeology, literature and religious studies. Due to this, many consider Jung one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

In his book Psychological Types, Jung presented the term INJF, which is short for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judging. According to him, only 1% of people in the world possess all these qualities. These people have a strong moral compass and have a positive influence on everyone around them.

Here’s how to recognize if you’re one of these unique people:

You Focus On Important Things Only

INJF people are pretty straightforward on their ambition – they are focused on a goal and nothing can distract them from reaching it. If they fail, they will think of a new way of reaching that goal. That’s how persistent they are.

You’re A Hard Working Person

If you work hard all the time towards your dreams, you definitely fall under the INJF category. These people will stop at nothing to reach their goals and give 200% of their ability all the time.

You Believe Your Gut

If you’re guided by your gut feelings instead of relying on anything else, congratulations – you’re among the 1% of people. The N in INJF stands for Intuition and you certainly don’t lack it. Believing in your gut feelings has led you to this spot and will help you achieve your dreams.

You Have Only A Few Close Friends

People falling in this group are not interested in a large group of friends. Instead, they only have a few close friends who they trust. In general, INJF people love solitude and are moving in a limited crowd, as quality is more important to them than quantity.

You’re Empathetic

If you’re always trying a way to help others in need, you qualify as an empath. Most INJF people are empaths who fill everyone’s lives with positivity and love and they always understand other people’s needs. The world definitely needs more people like you.

You Can Easily Read Others

If you have the ability to read someone’s intentions without too much hard work, you are definitely among the 1%. INJF people can read a person’s body language from a mile away and they’re rarely wrong about other people.

You Are A Visionary

INJF people are unique visionaries who are always trying to improve our future. That’s why they’re often scientists – their mind is open to anything and their thoughts differ from the thoughts of ordinary people.

You’re Inspiring

These people are a role model you should follow. They have a desire to inspire the next generation and are considered great leaders.

You Love To Write

Due to the lack of a big group of close friends and their love of solitude, INJF people can’t express themselves properly except on paper. Writing allows them to escape the harsh reality and is far less stressful than explaining themselves to others. These people can bleed their heart out on paper and may become successful writers.

You’re A Problem-Solver

If you see even the most difficult problems as a challenge and you’re raring to solve them, you fall under the INJF category. These people are always trying to find a way to any kind of problem and always have the bigger picture in mind.

If you’ve recognized yourself in at least 4 of the categories above, you’re a truly unique person.

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