We Rank the Zodiac Signs from The Hardest to The Easiest to Love

We Rank the Zodiac Signs from The Hardest to The Easiest to Love

Our zodiac sign can tell a lot about how hard we are to love. With some people, it’s pretty easy to fall in love, while others are a bit harder to give your heart to. Here are all the zodiac signs ranked from the hardest to the easiest to love:


Virgos are independent people who’d rather live alone and on their own terms then be in a relationship. They never depend on others and don’t let people inside easily. They are the hardest zodiac sign to love.


These people never really know what they want out of relationships. Breaking the Scorpio’s hard ‘armor’ is a challenge for everyone, even those who are willing to try their best.


People born in this sign are not fans of commitment. It’s very hard to tie them down and if they get the chance, they’d leave you without looking back.


Aquarius will let someone in their heart, but only after getting to know them properly first. They’re afraid of exposing themselves and feel vulnerable most of the time, so they prefer to stay reserved instead of opening up to their partners.


Capricorn is an Earth sign that is deeply rooted to the ground. ‘Lifting’ them up with love is extremely hard, but if they find the relationship practical, they might be willing to give it a try. In other cases, you won’t move them an inch.


People born in the sign of Gemini are indecisive and emotional. They’re often caught between two roads and needs some time to think before making a decision. They can adapt, though, and will always be there when you need them once they decide you’re the one.


Leos are easy to love, but they come with a risk. These people are either good or bad – their ego is huge and if you want to succeed, you must keep it balanced, which can be a tough job.


The Aries is motivated and chasing after success, not love. They aren’t that interested in relationships, but if they find the right person, they will settle down after a while.


Tauruses have a hard outer shell which might be a bit tough to break. Once you get inside, though, they’re yours forever. This is the most loyal sign of the zodiac and one that knows how to love with their whole heart.


These people need balance in their lives and relationships as well. They’re easy to love and love with their whole heart and without compromises – in short, they’re the perfect partner if they meet the right person.


Pisces can love deep. They’re deeply emotional and pretty attached to those they love. They’re hopeless romantics who make a great partner when they meet their true love.


Cancer is the zodiac sign you need if you want someone you can love and someone who will love you back no holds barred. Those born in the sign of cancer are highly emotional and can’t imagine their life with someone who doesn’t love them truly. They’re kind and great lovers, which makes them the easiest zodiac sign to love.

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