After Many Decades, a Rare Eclipse Will Cause a Complete Darkness in Some US Regions

After Many Decades, a Rare Eclipse Will Cause a Complete Darkness in Some US Regions

Staring into the mysterious and glowing night sky is still one of the most beautiful things that human’s eyes do. At those moments the night sky helps putting our thoughts in perspective. We are curious about the mysteriousness of the universe and what’s out there.

Despite the countless stars in the beautiful sky, you will be able to witness another phenomenon of the nature on August 21st.

People who live in some parts of the US will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of this magical event.

During the day ours, parts of the US will be covered in darkness because of the rare solar eclipse. NASA has stated that a massive part of the US will be part of this solar eclipse. Starting from Oregon and going to South Carolina. The belt’s wideness will be 70 miles and it will look exactly like a night sky during the day hours. The states that will be part of this event are Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, South and North Carolina.

A total solar eclipse is an event where the sun is totally covered by the moon. This event, unlike the partial solar eclipse, is considered to be a rare condition. In order for this event to happen, first of all, the earth, the moon and the sun have to be lined up in the exact order. This lining happens every 18 months. The other thing that has to happen and is of the biggest importance is, the moon has to reach the exact size of the sun, so as, it can cover it all.

According to Researchers and Scientists, this event will happen in the US for the first time in many decades. The eclipse that will happen in August is supposed to last 2 minutes and 40 seconds. But in some further states, it will last few seconds.

If you live in the states where the eclipse will happen, the scientists suggest you observe the thing called corona. In their statement they explain that the corona becomes visible when the total solar eclipse happens. In that moment, when the sun is totally covered by the moon, long stripes and jets appear in the sky.

Rick Fienberg who is part of the American Astronomical Society or AAS, claims that this situation in the sky is so mesmerizing and unusual, that causes tears on people’s faces.

One thing you should know is that to stare directly into the sun is dangerous and can damage your eyes. To protect your eyes you can use solar-viewing glasses or pinhole cameras. Still, you can look with a naked eye once the total solar eclipse happens.

You can watch how NASA traces the 2017 great event in parts of the US known as total solar eclipse, below:

The map has many details which can be helpful for you if you want to see one of the greatest phenomena of the nature which will deliver total darkness during the daytime. The next total solar eclipse is supposed to happen in 2024 and is considered to cover Mexico and Texas, and to go through Midwest up to northern US.

For people who’ve been reading about such phenomena, this event is something that is worth spending time and resources to chase it.

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