Researchers Believe to Have Found The Real Cause of Depression

Researchers Believe to Have Found The Real Cause of Depression

The most recent findings regarding the likely connection amongst inflammation and depression have once again questioned my assurance in the medical vocation.

During my life I have come across a number of people who grieve from depression and have tested the entire scale of anti-depressants but have failed to ever experience any notable results.

They keep telling us that the depression is triggered by imbalances chemicals in our brain and anti-depressant medicines work by regulating chemicals such as serotonin known as neurotransmitters that control temperament and sentiments. However, as it is well known, it’s extremely difficult if not impossible to find anti-depressants that really works.

Depression cannot be classified as a psychological disorder; it rather represents a physical disease. Based on some recent findings it could be relieved by curing inflammation.

I can sense the pure madness growing inside me. Imagine of the bulk of time wasted disentangling fictitious psychological ‘ailments’; all the dollars spent on therapy; not even to mention the harmful effects of antidepressants themselves.

Once it was established that depression is an illness of the body triggered by a defective immune system, experts are now convinced that it can be medicated with medicaments treating inflammation.

It occurs that depression develops as a result of the immune system not switching off after a shock or disease. Such an active and unselective immune system can cause inflammation al anywhere in the body making this pervasive inflammation source of all the sentiments of sadness, desperateness, and exhaustion.

Should this be proven true, medicaments treating inflammation can readily be used against depression.

More and more research papers, together with scientific studies and clinical trial results, show a link between controlling depression and curing inflammation. So far, it can be concluded that whenever we treat inflammation depression gets alleviated, and when inflammatory medications are used for boosting the immune system, there are patients who get depressed.

Professor Ed Bullmore, the Head of the Psychiatry Department of University of Cambridge, stated that it is an evident fact that depression can be triggered by infection. As far as mood is concerned, without any doubt, there is a substantial connection between symptoms of depression and inflammation. When people are getting vaccinated they become depressed. Even vaccine clinics are now capable of predicting it, but still fail to provide an explanation for it.

Is there a better future?

Approximately 15% of the population across the world consumes some form of antidepressant; however, antidepressants are frequently ineffective. Optimistically, these findings will lead to alternative and more effective cures for feelings of unhappiness that might have absolutely nothing to do with a psychological disorder.

Hopefully the entire “depression” question will be rethought as a disorder having a fundamental physical cause, freeing millions of people from stressing about some mental disorder and the potential psychological grounds for it.

We hope this will eliminate the fear and the stigma of unmasking their condition and openly sharing with their employers and family members.

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