Here’s How to Recognize if Your Child is an Indigo Child

Here’s How to Recognize if Your Child is an Indigo Child

Have you ever heard of Indigo children and were confused about what they are? Don’t worry – most people don’t know what they really are. The term originated somewhere in the 1970s and has been frequently used since then. It was invented by Nancy Ann Tappe, a teacher who used it to refer to talented, gifted children who possess special traits.

And, no, we’re not talking about mutants from the X-Men comic book – the traits these children possess are related to emotions. These children are a reminder of humanity’s shared consciousness. They can connect with their feelings on a deep level and the collective consciousness as well, with some experts considering them the next step in evolution. We wouldn’t go so far with it, but Indigo children are truly special.

In 1982, Tappe wrote a book titled Understanding Your Life Through Color which focused on the differently colored auras (metaphorically) people have. The author says that most children in the 60s and 70s were born with a violet (Indigo) aura and coined the term Indigo children.

Is your child an Indigo child? Are there any signs that set them apart from the rest? Actually, there are – here are just a few:

  • Indigo children have a strong will even when they’re young. They don’t follow the rules of society – they only play by their own accords;
  • These children have a strong self-esteem and a great sense of purpose even adults lack;
  • They’re very intuitive and know more about everything than the rest of us;
  • Indigo children will always do their own thing instead of doing what people expect them to do;
  • They’re incredibly intelligent and use the right brain hemisphere more than the left. This makes them unsuitable for our traditional educational system which favors children who use their left hemisphere more;
  • Standard punishment methods don’t work on these children. Every parent will have quite a hard time reprimanding them;
  • The brains of Indigo children work much faster than the average child. Their brains produce a lot of energy that should be balanced or they can experience disorders such as depression;
  • Indigo children are far more empathetic and possess more wisdom than anyone else.

Is your child showing these signs? If they are, congratulations – you’ve created a unique human.

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