Here’s How To Recognize A Liar From Miles Away!

Here’s How To Recognize A Liar From Miles Away!

When it comes to lying, none of us are innocent. You need to know that not everyone around you is honest with you all the time, and let’s be real – we’re not always honest either. We’re not talking about big lies, but we often have the need to distort the truth a bit. According to Pamela Meyer, a well-known author, we lie between 10-200 times every day!

Meyer says that strangers lie themselves 3 times when they first meet each other. If you’re wondering why, Meyer says it’s because we want to close the gap between who we are and who we really want to be. However, that’s not a pretty accurate description. When we lie, we’re fully aware of it, but spotting a liar is much different. Some people are bad liars and they can be detected from a mile away, but some people are so good at lying they can be crowned masters of deception.

In order to spot a liar, you need to listen to the people you’re speaking too closely and pay more attention to their phrases and words. This will help you spot their lies and learn their true intentions.

Here are a few common phrases people tell when lying:

‘Are You Accusing Me of Something?’

Liars commonly use this phrase along with an innocent expression on their face. Some have a mocking smile which can be a bit too much if you ask us. Why do they do this? Well, to deflect the accusations and try to accuse you instead, of course. Whenever you feel the need to ask them if they did something, they get into a defensive mood which means they’re lying to cover their tracks.

‘I Don’t Know What You Are Talking About’

This is the most common phrase liars use. They are aware of what you’re confronting them with, but they’re playing the fool until you believe them and they stab you in the back.

‘I Don’t Remember Saying That’

Memory gaps are common for liars. They will deny saying everything in order to keep their tracks covered. If they’re good at it, it will be too late before you realize that they were behind everything.

‘Do You Really Think I’d Lie to You?’

Liars say this sentence just so they can shift the burden of the argument to your side. They often play the victim long enough to deflect the blame and point it at you when you least expect it.

They Repeat Words and Phrases

Liars sound like a broken record – they repeat words and phrases over and over again. Why? Because they’re trying to convince you in the opposite. They are also trying to buy time in order to think of a new lie which will cover their tracks.

‘Prove It!

When a person says these words, they are most likely guilty of whatever you’re confronting them about. With this phrase, they are actually admitting their guilt, but just like in court, you need proof before you accuse them.

They Give Way Too Much Info

You know how to spot a liar easily? They give too much information about something when no one asks them. This shows that they know more than they’re letting through and may even be the culprit.

‘Why Would I Do That?’

Here’s another common phrase for liars. If they’re asking why they would do or say anything when you accuse them, you can bet they did it or at least know more about it than they say they do.

‘That is All!’

When a person cuts off the conversation you’re having, it means they are withholding key information. They are just trying to be careful of what they’re saying, so if the person you’re accusing repeats this phrase, you can bet they are keeping a secret.

They Speak Formally

Whenever people lie, they speak in a formal language. They don’t use “I’m” or “I’m not” – they use the formal format “I am” or “I am not”. They are doing it to sound more convincing, so if you notice it, you can bet they did the thing you’re accusing them of.

Pay close attention to these words and phrases and you’ll be able to spot liars from miles away!

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