The Mystery Behind Wearing a Red Thread Tied To Your Wrist

piritualThe Mystery Behind Wearing a Red Thread Tied To Your Wrist

Wearing a scarlet thin string on your wrist, according to the Jewish religion, represents some sort of amulet to chase off misfortune. People give it to their loved ones, close friends and family to show their love, to wish good fortune and to express their caring towards them.

The red string is worn in four different religions:

  • Christianity
  • Buddhism
  • Kabbalah
  • Hinduism

It is mostly made out of wool with several knots on it. It’s color is red which represents blood and protection. It was believed that if you paint this red string on a door or window of your house, it will provide protection against bad luck and evil spirits. The red string is worn on the left wrist, because according to the Jewish religion the left side is the receiving one. This amulet is believed to be the protection everyone needs to have, its energies will provide safety for the one who wears it. It provides safety and good fortune by attracting all the negative energy to itself, and releasing positive vibes to you.

How To Make The Red String

The red string should be tied by someone you love truly and deeply. First step involves your loved person to tie the string around your wrist with a knot, then repeat the same process until there are seven knots on the string. When this is done you should make a wish and never talk about that wish until it comes true. When the time comes and the string is cut, it means that it can no longer provide you with positive energy, and also means that your wish will come true anytime soon.

It’s Meaning In Different Religions


Kabbalah is the jewish version of the Bible, and in here the string is worn on the left wrist only. It is also believed that reflects the negative energy to allow more positive energy.


According to Christianity the string is used to fight misfortune. The red color symbolizes the blood of the saints, and it is also worn on the left wrist.


The red string in Buddhism is a symbol of compassion, life, and it represents the tongue. It reminds the wearer to always show compassion to other people and to bear his tongue, for it can make more damage than sword.


Here the red string represents divinity, teaches the wearers to be brave and generous, to have a kind soul. It is worn on the right wrist by men and left wrist by women. People in Hinduism call them “kalava”.

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