You’ll Regret Losing the Woman Who Waited for You All This Time, but It Will Already Be Too Late

You’ll Regret Losing the Woman Who Waited for Your All This Time, but It Will Already Be Too Late

This article is meant for all those men out there who believe that their girls will wait for them to come around forever, because trust us, they will not.

If you’re a fan of all those rom-coms where the guy always gets the girl of his dreams because she’s too good and will always wait for him, no matter what, it’s time for a wakeup call. We don’t live in a romantic comedy nor a fairy tale, so your girl will not wait for you forever.

How great it would be if the woman you’re with waits for you to build your career, to grow up and mature, to find out what you really want in life and see if there’s something else for you out there. And when you eventually realize that you can’t do better than what you already have, she comes back to you, running and happy that you’ve chosen her after all.

Unfortunately, in real life, things don’t go quite like that. In real life a woman who loves you will be patient, she may even give you a second or a third chance to come around and man up, but when she decides she’s had enough, there’s nothing you could do to change her mind. She will leave you and never look back, because she’s realized that she can do much better than you.

The thing is that a woman may give you numerous chances, she may very well give you much more than you deserve because she might have seen a potential in you. She might have seen what you could become and she believes that you can change, that you can improve and become a better man. That’s the main reason why she’s still with you, waiting for you to come around and live up to your potential.

But even this can come to an abrupt end, in an instant she may realize that she’s been wasting her precious time with you and that she will no longer tolerate you. Once the last drop falls, she will never take you back, she will never look back because she’s done with you.

And when she finally frees herself from the burden that you represented in her life, from the person that was dragging her down and preventing her to become truly happy, she will never take you back. Your window of opportunity will close, faster than you could imagine, and there will be nothing you could do to win her back over. No matter how much you promise you’ll change and become a better man for her, she will never take you back.

Of course you could try and make yourself feel better by saying that she probably wasn’t even the right one for you, that you could do much better, but at the end of the day you’ll realize you’re just fooling yourself.

The truth is that she was the one who tolerated you all this time, who put up with your bullsh*t and who stayed with you despite everything. She was the one who was waiting for you to grow up and finally figure out what it is that you really want in life. She was your prisoner and now she’s free, now she’s ready to embrace life and everything it has to offer, she’s happy and you’re not.


Because the moment she left, you realized you will never have anything better in life, that no one else will be able to love you like she did, to put up with you like she did and to wait for you like she did. She finally realized that she can do much better than you and she left. But what pains you the most is the fact that there’s no one else you can blame for this but yourself.

Some time will pass by and you will meet other women, you will be with other women and you will love other women, but you will never, ever find another woman quite like her. No other woman will accept you like she did or love you like she did. You will regret to have let her go, to have made her go, but there will be nothing else you could do. You will have to live with your regret for the rest of your life.

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