What’s Your Relationship Deal-Breaker According to the Zodiac

What’s Your Relationship Deal-Breaker According to the Zodiac

When it comes to love and relationships we all have something that turns us off and makes it impossible for us to be with someone. Have you ever wondered what that deal-breaker is for your partner or maybe your love interest? Well, if turns out that your Zodiac sign plays an important role in this aspect of your love life and it can tell you exactly what you or your partner can’t stand in a relationship. For some it’s feeling smothered, for others it’s anger while some can’t stand controlling or materialistic people.

Here’s what the Zodiac say about each sign’s deal breaker, read on if you want to learn more:

Aquarius – Hateful people

The Aquarius is a gentle soul who values peace and harmony the most. They can’t stand when someone is rude and cruel to them, so being with someone hateful is impossible for them. They can tolerate a lot of things but if they meet someone who simply can’t do nice, they could never connect with them.

Pisces – Soullessness

The Pisces are one of the most spiritual signs and they value spirituality highly. They can detect immediately a soulless person and they hate nothing more than someone who’s lacking that spirit they value so highly. If you’re a Pisces, you’re put off by heartless, cold and distant behavior and you could never be with someone like that.

Aries – Clingy people

The Aries detests feeling smothered and they could never be with a too clingy partner. If their partner starts smothering them they will lose interest pretty soon. Love and affection is flattering for you, of course, but when it gets too much, you can’t stand it anymore, you need your own space and you end things pretty abruptly.

Taurus – Flaky people

The deal breaker for a Taurus is someone who’s irresponsible and always bails at them at the last moment. If their partner starts cancelling plans in the last minutes or is always late for a date, they simply lose it. You can’t understand how can some be so scatter-brained and flaky and when you notice this trait in your partner, you simply break it off momentarily.

Gemini – Rude and controlling people

The Gemini is laid back and relaxed, which is why they can’t stand controlling and overbearing people. The type of people that are loud, pushy and even rude at times are simply repulsive to them and being with someone like that would be embarrassing for the Gemini, especially in public. The biggest turn off for the Gemini are rude and impolite people.

Cancer – Materialistic people

The cancer is all about friends and family and they can’t stand people who put the material before the spiritual. They can’t stand materialistic people, people who don’t value their family and friends and are more concerned with being well off than being surrounded by the people they love.

Leo – Party poopers

If there’s something that the Leo can’t stand it’s the party poopers, the killjoys and the wet blankets, the people who ruin the soul of every party, the people who complain about anything and everything and the people who can’t seem to enjoy life. The Leo enjoys being surrounded with fun, positive people and anyone who brings their cheer down is not a good mate for them.

Virgo – Slobs

The Virgo is all about living in an organized and clean space and they could never be with someone who lives in a chaotic mess. They’re not neat-freaks or anything like that, but they simply can’t understand how some people never pick up after themselves and don’t mind the state of disarray they live in. If your partner shows that he’s a slob, you’ll never think twice about leaving him and finding someone who understands your need for organization.

Libra – Unreliable people

The Libra is the most reliable sign in the Zodiac, they always stand by their loved ones, no matter what, and are there for them for better and for worse. They’re the most loyal and dependable partner and they value the same traits in their partner as well. However, since not everyone is as reliable as they are, having a partner that’s the complete opposite of them, is a deal-breaker for the Libra. If you can’t count on your partner to have your back in life, in the good times and bad, you simply can’t be with him.

Scorpio – Dishonest people

As we’ve mentioned a few times before when we discussed zodiac signs, the Scorpio is a human lie detector and you could never fool them. If you try to lie to them they’ll see right through it and call you out on your lie. At the first sniff of a deception the Scorpio will call things off and leave you because they could only be with someone genuine, true and honest.

Sagittarius – Negative people

The Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic signs in the Zodiac and they could never be with someone who has a negative attitude in life. It’s not that they would end things with their partner at the first hint of negativity, but if they reveal to see the negative side of everything in life, it’s a huge deal-breaker for you.

Capricorn – Apathy

If there’s something the Capricorn can’t stand, it’s apathetic people. These people are not lazy, they take laziness to a whole new level and simply stop caring about anything in life. They’re so disinterested about anything in life that it’s imply impossible for the Capricorn to imagine themselves with someone like that in the future.

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