Officially – Researchers Have Found a Second Earth

Officially – Researchers Have Found a Second Earth

Researchers have came up with information about the existence of a second Earth with a location in the Proxima System. Oceans and alien life is believed to be found in the planet.

During the past decades, many exo-planets have been discovered. But none of these planets has the characteristics like Proxima B.

Proxima B promises a lot: probably it is a rocky planet, a little bit more massive than our planet and with a location around a star that allows the existence of liquid water.

Proxima Centauri system stars are closest to Earth and that’s why it is believed that on this planet is possible the alien life together with the liquid water.

Officially – Researchers Have Found a Second Earth

The Proxima B planet is around 1.3 times the size of our home planet.

Proxima B planet’s location is four light years away from our home planet. That means that if some of our future generations want to get to this planet, they will have to develop an extra large and very fast spacecraft.

If the sayings about this planet being the second earth are true, than it will be the best candidate for future colonization by humans.

According to the researchers the temperature on this planet is between -90 ˚C anf 30 ˚C.

Many researchers claim that the Proxima B is going to be the only possible witness of alien life outside the solar system. Because of the ideal distance from the planet’s hot stars it is very much possible that there is plenty of liquid water. Also, it is the closest planet ever discovered, and the research for life there would be possible in the very soon times. Even though Proxima Centauri is very small to be observed, scientists still focus their attention to observe it carefully.

Officially – Researchers Have Found a Second Earth

The HARPS spectrograph which is installed on 3.6 meter long telescope slowly monitors and follows all the movements in the Proxima Centauri.

Two research papers have been published about the possible habitation on the Proxima B. However, future technology development will allow the scientists to correctly and regularly observe the planet and come up with more information about the possible life forms there.

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