Finding the right man when you are an empath is a real struggle, here is why

Finding the right man when you are an empath is a real struggle, here is why

It can be very challenging for men to be in a relationship with a female empath, but those who can handle it are the real keepers.

Most people like dating around and playing all those games, but empaths do not care for those things. You either love an empath or hate them; there is no in-between with these people.

Here are the reasons why female empaths find it so hard to find the right man:

1.    Empaths are intense.

Dating an empath takes a lot of energy. They tend to form deep connections with people and things around them, and most of the people find that hard to handle.

2.    They tend to be misunderstood.

People simply cannot grasp all the complexity that the empaths carry with them. That’s why most of the times they are misunderstood. Even when you give your best to get to know them there will always be a part that you won’t understand.

3.    They always know what they want.

These people do not enjoy casual dating. They want a deep and strong connection with someone who will stand beside them through good and bad days.

4.    They tend to ask plenty of questions.

They do not like to stand in a grey zone. Everything has to be clear and if they want to know something they do not hesitate to ask you. It can be like interrogation sometimes, but they do it out of good intentions.

5.    Honesty is something they do not have a problem with.

These are kind of people that will tell the truth in your face. If you can’t face being told the truth all the time, then you should not try having a relationship with an empath.

6.    They want to be emotionally pleased.

Besides the physical satisfaction, they really care about emotional satisfaction as well. They must have both or they just won’t have either of those.

7.    They simply need to be free.

If you try to cage an empath, they will run away from you. They are not your show puppies.

8.    They have a tendency of taking things too personally.

An empath sees and feels everything around us a lot deeper than we do. They can make even the smallest mistake feel like huge one and although you feel like there is nothing to apologize for, you better do.

9.    They like long-term relationships.

If they see that the relationship has no future they do not pursue it. So, you either are there for the good days and the bad days or you are not there at all.

10.    They like to be able to rely on you.

If you have a weak personality, then you probably should not even try to be with an empath. They want stability and not someone who does not stand by their words and actions.

11.    They can see all the good side and the bad sides in people.

Because she can see through you, she can find the good and the bad you carry within you. They read people so well that having a bad reputation doesn’t mean a thing to them as long as they find you have a good side as well.

12.    When they love someone they go all in.

Empaths are probably the only people who know how to really and deeply love someone. They are ready to give you all their love but expect the same in return. People usually take them for granted and realize what they had after they are gone.

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