These Rules Can Turn Your Marriage into a Fairytale!

These Rules Can Turn Your Marriage into a Fairytale!

If you thought that marriage is a breeze, you couldn’t be more wrong. Marriage is actually a lot of work and compromises if you want it to succeed. Of course, love and sex are the key ingredients, but there are other big and small factors that contribute toward a successful marriage.

The easiest way to make your marriage work is to learn of the ‘secret ingredients’ behind it. Perfect relationships and marriages simply don’t exist – no matter how happy you are together, conflict is a normal thing that will come sooner or later. It’s very important, however, to know how to handle it and talk about the problems you have. It’s the only way to get to the root of your problems and keep your marriage going.

Here are simple marriage rules you should follow to keep it long-lasting:

Make love!

The first rule for each long-lasting marriage is staying intimacy. If you want your relationship to last, you need to be intimate – it’s the basis which will keep things together. Making love will make most of your problems go away and reduce your stress, keeping your marriage alive.

Daily Briefings

It may sound like the military, but having daily briefings with your partner will improve your communication and fix a lot of problems. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated – simply ask your partner how their day passed and how they feel about it. Talking to each other will make your marriage last forever.

Expect less, Get More

Having high expectations of your partner is one of the major mistakes married people make. Don’t aim high – just expect less of your partner, and you’ll be surprised when you get more.


Listening is absolutely crucial in marriage – if you drift away while your partner is talking, you’re going to have problems.

Don’t Let Date Nights Die

Hey, just because you’re married now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date each other anymore. Go out on dates every week if you can – it will keep things fresh and spark up some intimacy as well.

Accept the Ups and Downs

Every relationship or marriage for that matter will have its ups and downs. You should neither be too happy or depressed about it – just accept the fact that there will be good and bad days and things will be better.

Grow Together

Doing things together will help your marriage grow and make the bond between you stronger. Go for a hike together or visit a concert or festival with your partner. The most important thing in marriage is to spend a lot of time together.

Try to Be the Best Version of You

Make sure to always be the best version of you, as negativity can ruin everything. Be happy, be creative, be patient, and be brave – all of it will make your marriage better.

Be Supportive in Bad Times

Sooner or later, you’re going to hit a bumpy road. In this case, you need to support each other in order to get out of it. If you are supportive, things will be much better in the end and you’ll come out stronger of it.

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