Science has discovered the three elementary traits that will keep your relationship healthy

Science has discovered the three elementary traits that will keep your relationship healthy

All of us have been searching for the answer, what can make love last?

Nowadays the relationships are different. People don’t take anything seriously and thus they always end it after a very short time.

Although you think that the world has gone mad there is still a way that you can keep your relationship.

People lie so much, they chat, flirt and become bored very quickly.

In the science there are 3 main traits which can make the relationship healthy.

What are they? Read this article and find out!

The Biological Anthropologist Helen Fisher pointed out that it is about the dopamine in the brain that gets activated when in love. Discover more from her perfect speech on TED.

What does the love do to the brain?

Helen Fisher suggested that the romance and the love gives the same amount of dopamine like some other similar things in life which make us feel happy, overwhelmed and euphoric.

When people become more connected, the dopamine level grows higher, and the feelings help nurturing the bond among these people.

In this research there were couples who were taken to make brain scans. The results were shocking! The thoughts of the partner showed that not only the brain activity is stronger, but actually it described the difference between love and being in love.

But the hardest part is staying in love. As people grow old, they are changing and that is the reason why it so hard to stay in a relationship with someone who is very different from the person you’ve decided to marry.

When you think about the person you are in love with, the brain has high dopamine level and bringing back some memories which can help to your relationship.

The three elementary traits  that have been discovered in a long-term and happy relationships are:

1.) Empathy at both of the partners

2.) Control over impulsive reactions and feelings under stressful situations

3). Positive mindset

According to Fisher it gets lot easier when you are focused on the positive things and characteristics that one person own instead of negative.

Fisher has also pointed out in his research that it is really important to be responsible in one relationship, and this concerns both of the partners. Even if you think that your partner is wrong or he has hurt you in some way, you should also take the responsibility.

Next time when you will have an argument about why the dishes aren’t done or why are you stuck in the traffic, remember that first you should be really lucky because you have someone besides you that can help you in the everyday activities like doing dishes, and you should be definitely happy that you own a car so you can drive wherever you want it to. Some people can’t afford that.

Be grateful, be happy, enjoy in your relationship and do not neglect even the minor issues. Just like everything else in our lives, a relationship needs a lot of work, patience and devotion. Putting no effort from both of the partners is the most common reason why marriages and relationships have ended really quickly.

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