Science Says We Get Our Intelligence From Our Mothers Not Our Fathers

Science Says We Get Our Intelligence From Our Mothers Not Our Fathers

This may come as a shock to all fathers out there, but it turns out that kids get their intelligence from the female X chromosome, a recent genetic study reveals.

There are more than a thousand genes in the X chromosome and many of them affect perception. It was believed, until now, that kids get their intelligence from both parents, equally, but the latest research seems to put this belief under a question mark.

Genetics is a field of research that’s quite complex and demanding, but as time passes by, we are getting closer to deciphering it, bit by bit.

Humans have gender specific genes which can be activated or deactivated according to the specific selection and the genetic properties they affect. The genes that become activated will play a role in the genetic development while the genes that become deactivated don’t. This means that if a certain trait is affected through the mother, the genes from the father are deactivated. Likewise, if some trait is affected through the father, the corresponding maternal genes are deactivated. This structure of the gender specific genes we talked about is the basis of this intelligence study. According to the research, it’s more probable for women to have a significant impact on the children’s cognitive abilities due to the fact that they’re carriers of two X chromosomes, while fathers have just the one. However, there’s so much more to this intelligence theory than just the composition of the chromosomes.

Now we go back to the theory of gender specific genes. Science says that intelligence is a gender specific gene inherited through the mother. The researchers experimented with GM mice to put this theory to a test and discovered that the embryonic test subjects which were treated with mostly maternal chromosomes had a much larger head and brain and a smaller body. The test subject which were injected with mostly paternal chromosomes had a much smaller brain and head and a larger body. Moreover, the researchers behind the study discovered 6 major brain areas which are consisted exclusively of paternal or maternal genes.

This theory about the maternal influence on our intelligence is nothing new, there was a similar one conducted in 1984 by a team of researchers from the University of Cambridge. This older study looked at the genomic conditioning and the embryos’ brain development and concluded that mothers provide a larger amount of material to the brain. Since then, there have been numerous studies which tried to confirm or deny this argument and many have come to the same conclusion.

We are well aware that this theory may not be accepted by the general public openheartedly, but there is much evidence to support it and one thing is for certain – mothers indeed have a significant impact on the cognitive development and capacity of their children! It’s not just about the genetics, the child’s intellectual development is influenced by the mother’s nurture and nutrition throughout their entire life.

This just proves furthermore that there is a special bond between mothers and their children and even science supports this claim. It’s undoubtedly true that mothers have a significant role in the intellectual development of their children and the genetic research just gives credit where credit is due.

Now all of you out there, call your moms and give them a big thank you for everything they’ve given you!

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