According To Science, Having A Sister Will Help You Develop Into A Better Person!

According To Science, Having A Sister Will Help You Develop Into A Better Person!

Although brothers and sisters are destined to argue, fight and share their own secrets, science has recently confirmed that having a sister is not that bad of an experience. No matter how annoying growing up with your sister was, you will definitely end up thanking her later in life.

A study conducted at Brighton Young University in 2010 discovered that sisters have a great impact on their siblings’ emotional and mental health. The study examined nearly 400 families with several siblings aged 10-14. According to Alex Jensen, one of the leaders on the study, even when there was minor confrontation between the siblings, the sisters eventually made their siblings develop into better people.

Here are some of the key points from the study:

Sisters Improve Your Self-Esteem

The study found out that having a sister in your life can improve your self-esteem and improve your mental health. Sisters can help their siblings overcome feelings of fear, sadness and guilt and boost their self-consciousness. The study also found out that sisters can help eliminate the feelings of being unloved. Interestingly, the age gap between the siblings didn’t have any impact on the results.

A Sister Makes You Kinder

Surprisingly, sisters have been found to make their brothers kinder and more generous. They can promote empathy, selflessness and generosity, making you a better person in general.

Getting Into Fights Helps You Control Your Emotions

As we said, brothers and sisters are destined to have fights occasionally and that actually helps the other siblings control their emotions better. According to Laura Padilla-Walker, when siblings get into a fight they need to control their emotions. Over time, this helps the siblings learn how to control their emotions, which will help them work out many problems in their life with a cool head.

Sisters Can Help You Learn How To Resolve Conflicts

Sisters will help you learn how to be compassionate and resolve difficult conflicts later in life. When you fight with your sister, it will help you develop skills which you’ll be thankful later in life. If you have a younger sister in need of guidance, you’ll learn how to be more compassionate and nurturing to others around you, which is definitely a trait you’d want.

Another study, this time from the University of Ulster, found out that having a sister in your life can make siblings communicate with others much better. According to the results of the study, families with at least one female siblings were more likely to engage in conversations with people around them. The same study discovered that having a sister will also help you become an independent and ambitious person later on.

Finally, the study from the Ulster University also found out that having a sister will help you lead a stress-free life. Sisters have been found to have a positive impact on their siblings’ life, which became happier people. Tony Cassidy, one of the authors of the study said that this is probably because of female siblings being emotionally expressive, resulting in healthy balance at home. This emotional expression ultimately led to better psychological health of the families with female siblings.

So, even if you hated your sister as a child, science says you’ll end up thanking her later in your life. Even if she still “borrows” your stuff and irritates you, you have someone you can lean on for support and someone who’ll definitely make you a better person.

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