Science Says: Women Do Need More Sleep Than Men!

Science Says: Women Do Need More Sleep Then Men!

According to a research, women actually need more hours of sleep than men do. According to the one of the leading experts in sleep-science, Dr. Jim Horne, on average a woman needs 20 minutes more sleep than the man does. Dr. Horne also said that women tend to use their brain more because they are prone to multitasking and this leads towards the need for more sleep. The point is that the more you use your brain, the more you will need to sleep.

There are some factors that even though women need to get more rest, they still do not end up sleeping more. Their sleep might be interrupted by the child or even the partner; we know men need more space than women. During the pregnancy, the position of the fetus and the extra weight can disturb the quality of the sleep. Women tend to be light sleepers. When you have a baby, it is inevitable to wake up during the night to feed it. Hot flashes during the menopause are something that can also disturb the sleeping quality. When you uncontrollably worry about your problem you will definitely lose sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation what you need to do in order to improve the quality of your sleep is: start exercising more, limit the alcohol and caffeine intake, set a routine about when you go and when you wake up from sleep, also you can improve the environment where you sleep. If these suggestions do not help you then you should see a doctor.

The day you improve your sleep will lead to overall improvement of your health and your productivity will rise.

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