The Scientific Experts Are Worried, The Ice Is Melting In Antarctica!

The Scientific Experts Are Worried, The Ice Is Melting In Antarctica!

There have been a lot of debates about the rain that happened on Antarctica in 2016, since it’s something that probably has never happened before.

The weather event called El Nino, which brought warm water to Antarctica, was blamed for the melting that happened in that region and also for the rain that Antarctica experienced.

All this was published in a journal named Nature Communications, where the scientists made it very clear that they do not know what is the normal weather in Antarctica.

In the paper, they reported that they saw the melting around the Ross Sea and that the El Nino event which happened near that region, is the reason for that. El Nino caused very extended and long in duration melting, but what is more concerning is that this event is very likely to happen again and again. It is predicted that this kind of events will cause the ice to melt more and more, because they will occur more frequently in this century then they did in the past.

Thanks to the observation over this region in Antarctica, the scientists were able to see that some parts experience melting only one or few days, while other parts experienced melting that lasted even up to 15 days.

According to one of the authors of the paper, Julien Nicolas, the magnitude of the melting that happened in Antarctica at that period was something that rarely happens. Over the past forty years, Antarctica has experienced 3 or 4 events equal to this one. He also says that the surface that melted this time was in the size of California, which is something very serious.

Many questions have been raised, primarily because this event can and will happen again. You can blame the climate change or the El Nino event, but this melting will inevitable happen again. Even more concerning is that the following events like this one will be more extreme than the last one and it can cause even more severe melting of the ice in Antarctica.

If you want to know the effects of this event happening over and over again, check the video below. It will for sure make you think and it will get you concerned about our planet!

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