Scientists Reviled the Best Type of Exercise for Your Brain

Scientists Reviled the Best Type of Exercise for Your Brain

If you are eager to find a natural way that can help you boost your mood, to raise your memory, and improve your brain protection opposing the age cognitive decrease, make a prompt start.

A very important research in which two recent studies are included, recommends that the exercise which makes your body sweaty for a certain period of time, and increases the heart rate by moving, is called aerobic exercise. This exercise has a great and very advantageous influence on the brain.

Harvard Medical School blog’s writers, Mind and Mood, stated that the aerobic exercise is not only good for your heart, but also improves the function of your brain too.

To boost your mood, you will probably need just a bike ride which will make you sweaty and active. However, if you want to improve your memory, the exercise you do will have to be repeated several weeks.

Moreover, the aerobic exercise that you can repeatedly do for no less than 45 minutes at times will be the best one for your mind.

A jog or a walk is the things you can definitely add to your daily routine, no matter what improvement are you seeking for. People with severe depression were included in one pilot study which showed these results: 30 minutes of walking for only 10 days, delivered a significant reduction of their depression.

The Journal of Physical Therapy Science’s study stated that the aerobic workouts are very useful for the people without clinical depression too. They decrease the stress by reducing the natural stress hormones of the body (known as cortisol and adrenaline).

The combination of the resistance exercise and aerobic gives the best results for people over 50. This statement is supported by the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

This combination actually includes many exercises, from intense workouts that last around 7 minutes to yoga with dynamic flow which produces many different poses. Some of these poses like push-ups and some planks can be combined with different dancing moves.

Following this study, another study revealed on May 3 had explained some benefits of the walks for even older people. Moreover, people aged 60-88 who walked 30 minutes for four days straight, 12 weeks in a row, experienced an improvement in their memory. These walks have strengthened the connections in their brains which are connected to the memory loss.

Even though researchers haven’t discovered the right reason for this improvement in the brain, the studies show that it has definitely something to do with the growth of the blood flow. This produces fresh oxygen along with energy in our minds.

According to a recent study made on older women who showed possible symptoms of dementia, the aerobic exercise also makes the size of the hippocampus bigger. This area is related to the learning and memory.

Joe Northey an exercise scientist and also the lead author of the British study at the University of Canberra, suggests that people over and around 50 who have great health condition, should exercise at least 45 minutes a day. They should repeat the exercise as much as they can.


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