One Of The BIGGEST Secrets Kept From Humanity: The Pineal Gland

One Of The BIGGEST Secrets Kept From Humanity: The Pineal Gland

Can you actually believe that we as humans possess a third eye? Well this is true, except it’s not a typical eye, here we talk about The Pineal Gland, a part of the brain located near the center of the brain, between the 2 hemispheres. This part of the brain is responsible for the production of melatonin. It is a serotonin derivative which controls all the hormones that affect our sleep and waking patterns.

Its true potential has been hidden from us, the secret about Pineal Gland has been protected by governments all over the world and shady organizations. They have been researching this particular part of the brain and its abilities will shock you. Pineal Gland it is believed to be the gate between spiritual and physical world, this part according to the scientists can be activated through yoga, meditation and other ancient methods. Once you activate this “portal” you can travel across different dimensions. According to the myth if you follow certain ancient methods you can obtain the ability to read and control other people’s thoughts.

Rick Strassman, M.D who’s a medical doctor specialized in psychiatry stated:

“For me it was a mystery the presence of the DMT (N,N – Dimethyltryptamine, a tryptamine molecule which can be found in many plants and animals) in our bodies, for later to find out that this certain part of the brain was the source of it. Modern Science knows very little about this mysterious part of our brain since everything about it is kept highly confidential”

Still the mystery about this so called “ third eye“ continues, for it can be the best kept secret from the humanity, or simply it can be a filter for our hormones.

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