Here Is How To Flirt And Seduce Each Zodiac Sign (Here is how)

Here Is How To Flirt And Seduce Each Zodiac Sign (Here is how)

Seducing is considered to be an art as there is more to it than just flirting. Seducing requires some touching and eye contact, and it is the way to persuade someone into liking you.

You will probably need some help if seduction is not one of your best qualities and here is how you should do it according to zodiac of your “prey”:


If you are trying to seduce an Aries just go all in. These people are insatiable and intensely sexual and that is why they expect you to make the first step and be brave. Do not think twice and just give them some passionate kisses. They also like when you are verbal so give them a compliment now and then and also provoke some debate. They love to discuss things.


These people prefer when you go slow. They want to make a strong connection with you and they are not interested in short-term relationships. They like receiving presents which are expensive because they like fine and beautiful things in life. You will need some extra energy once you two end up in the bed. They are ready to go until both of you are entirely spent.


Gemini people like to see your intellectual side. Never miss a chance to show them how much you know about things because it is the right path towards their heart. Phone sex or sexting is something that always works for them, as they are very sexual beings. Also, they fall for creativity and the like adventures.


They like old school seduction. They are not kind of people that will jump in your bed right away. You will have to make an effort to soften them up. Be romantic as it is the right way to make them fall for you. Patience is crucial and it will require lots of conversations, some light kisses, small touches and eventually they will start feeling comfortable with you.


They like when you build their ego. When you try to seduce them whatever you do, do it perfectly do not try to find shortcuts.  Give them lots of compliments and put your focus on them all the time. They will appreciate it when they see how much effort you put into them. The good thing about Leos is that what you give is what they will give you back.


Just keep things clean when you go after a Virgo. They do not like messiness, therefore take a shower, smell good and get clean clothes if you are planning to seduce a Virgo. They like to help people, so if you can’t find the right way to approach them maybe just ask them to help you with cleaning or something like that. When it comes to sex, they want to do it perfectly.


Libras like sophistication. Do not go too strong on them because they like balance, but also do not play too cool because they will think you are not interested. They like a lover who is not a player but knows what he is doing. They are also very insecure about themselves, even though they appear calm, so from time to time give them some compliments.


Things are about to go wild here. They like to be on top and also they are intense and passionate. Scorpios like to take things into their hands so you might become the one who is being seduced instead of them. They are dominant people and they are memorable lovers.


These people like humor. If you try to seduce them then be witty, have some jokes in your sleeve or just take them to a comedy movie or some show. If you do not want them to get scared then do not go fast and take your time with them. They like being in nature so maybe you should plan something that involves being outdoors.


You need to make them want more. You will need to come up with some structured approach if you want to get a Capricorn. Mix it up a little, first some kisses then some massages and always something that will keep them interested. They will for sure want something more from you if you play your cards right.


They look for unconventionality. First, you will have to connect with their mind if you want their body. They do not like the usual seduction techniques, they want you to be fresh, spontaneous and smart. These are unique people and they require unique ways of seduction.


Romance is the right way to seduce a Pisces. Love is number one thing for these people. They are kind of people that love to please and give and they are devoted as lovers. It’s going to take some time for them to let you give them something in return because they are used to be the ones who give. Their imagination is unlimited and this also goes when you find yourself in the same bed with them.

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