9 Signs Which Show that People Cannot Manipulate You

9 Signs Which Show that People Cannot Manipulate You

The brutality of this world has extended to an edge of self-protection from many people. Many of us have definitely felt like we are exposed to a certain manipulation by someone else. Lots of people will manipulate others to achieve a certain goal or to embrace their self-promotion within the society. Manipulating others always makes victims of those being manipulated.

Some people, unfortunately, fall for these manipulators and often don’t recognize their intentions to the level where they get hurt. Others, however, have a sharper sense and catch the people who want to manipulate them easily. It is inevitable to be able to see someone’s intentions over you, so as you avoid getting hurt. Do you think you can avoid their cruelness and bad intentions?

You ask them to respect your self-being

While many people think that they only get the respect they’ve deserved, you are seeking for something far more than it. You appreciate yourself, you know who you are and what you do, so your needs for respect from the others are very high.  This way you become more cautious and can see whether someone undermines your values.

You are brave enough to show off your needs and opinions

Knowing that you are the creator of your own life and you are the only one who can make a change in it, you know what you want from others. The things that you want from someone are exposed very clearly. You will never step out of them.

Your first choice is your priorities

Some people just put themselves aside and focus on someone else’s priorities and needs. You, however, are very aware of what you want and need, so you easily put your priorities in the first place. Still, you know when to help someone who really needs your attention, and doesn’t just make drama.

You can easily say no  when needed

You never feel uncomfortable to say no to someone. You aren’t afraid if this person gets offended or mad at you. You know that people don’t always deserve your availability and good intentions.

You often set boundaries

Manipulators often cross the line to see how far they can get with the others. You stop this line-crossing and just tell when it’s enough.

You are a person of action

The energy of the manipulators often links to the ones which are passive and don’t take action. The passive people are easier to be controlled. Your goal is clear and you are self-oriented to achieve it. You won’t stop until the very success. The road to the achievement is sometimes rocky, but your persistence is bigger and you won’t stop there.

The time is your friend

Manipulators will often refuse to call you or answering something on time. You don’t push them to get their attention. Instead, the time wasted on calling them and waiting for their response, you use it for yourself. At this time you don’t give them the need to feel appreciated, but you appreciate yourself and focus on your self-achievement.

You stand against the ones who try to do you harm

To be honest, you often face situations in which people are doing harm to someone and get away with it. You will never, ever give the pleasure to someone to bully you. Your pride is bigger than theirs and you just tell them right away that you won’t allow bullying of any kind. You say it straight forward and don’t give a thought on it.

Self-blame is not your thing

The easiest target to the manipulators is people who constantly blame themselves. You believe and know that this characteristic is a sign of weakness and you’ll never do it. If you come near self-blaming, you approach the reasons and avoid them. This way, manipulators never get what they want from you.

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