These Simple Mental Tricks Will Help You Become A Master Of Your Mind!

These Simple Mental Tricks Will Help You Become A Master Of Your Mind!

The human mind is pretty complicated. However, most complex processes are triggered by simple actions, which means that if you learn how, you can easily become the master of your own mind, which will help you resolve numerous difficult situations.

The human mind works in patterns. If we learn how to recognize these patterns, we can use them as powerful mental tools to our advantage. Learning this will help you relax and feel more comfortable or make other people like you. Yes, the mind is that powerful.

Here’s a list of 15 mental tricks you can master and use to your advantage:

Silence is Golden

Want to get something out of someone? Ask them the question – if you get only half an answer, keep staring at them while silent and they will eventually spill the whole thing. When people think their answer isn’t understood properly, they will keep on explaining. A nifty trick, isn’t it?

Stop Being So Anxious!

You know what can help when you’re stressed or anxious? Chewing gum. Chewing gum will make your brain think you’re eating and that everything’s cool. In this case, your brain will calm down and make you feel much better.

Who Likes Who Now?!

If you want to know who likes who in a group of people, take a good look at them while they’re laughing. People instinctively look at people they feel close to when having a laugh. It’s a great mental trick which can clean any misconceptions about who likes who among friends.

Yes, They Know You Believe Your Own Words

Using phrases like “I think” or “I believe” are simply not necessary. People already know you believe your own words, so putting an emphasis on it won’t make you more confident.

Stay Calm

We can’t stress how important it is to stay calm when under stress. Even if they are angry, you should be calm when arguing. In this way, you’re training them to calm down. The next time you’re arguing with the same person you’ll definitely notice the changes.

How You Act Is How You Feel

Our emotions manifest through physical actions and our emotional expressions are triggered by our emotions. It works the other way around too. This means that if you want to be happy, you simply need to smile more.


Many people confuse brilliance with confidence, but they are not one and the same. If you look like you know what you’re doing, people will think you know your stuff. Just act confident and you’ll look like a genius.

Interviewers are Human

Don’t think that interviewers as monsters – after all, they’re only doing their job. If you’re anxious while on an interview, just imagine you’re friends with the interviewer – this will help you relax and raise your chances of getting the job.

Be the Person You Want to See in Others

If you show others how happy and excited you are of seeing them, they will be happy and excited about meeting you. This simple dog trick works on humans as well – go figure!

Reduce Your Chances of Being Taken to Task

If you want to be taken to task, sit right next to them in a meeting. People aren’t comfortable attacking others who have already lost their pack mentality (by sitting next to them).

The Mirror Trick

If you’re in customer support, put a big mirror behind you. This will make your clients be nicer as they will get to see how they look when acting like jerks.

Start By Asking For More, Then Ask Less

The so-called door in the face technique works makes you buy things on sale on a compulsive basis. It also makes people more likely to agree to a smaller favor after denying the first big one.

Don’t Feel Stressed – Feel Delighted!

Both stress and delight share the same physical manifestations (increased heart rate, heavy breathing, high pulse). So, if you want to keep your cool in stressful situations, see them as a challenge instead of a threat.

Associate Yourself with Fun

If you’re going out on a first date, take your date to a fun place. This will make that person associate you with fun and excitement which is certainly great

Maintain Eye Contact

When you’re talking with someone, maintain eye contact. This will make them like you much more.

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