Here’s Why You’re Single According To Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s Why You’re Single According To Your Zodiac Sign

Finding love is not easy, it’s a long quest that we’re all on and sometimes we feel like there’s no hope for us at all. If you’ve started losing hope and think you’ll never find your soulmate, here’s what the zodiac has to say about why you’re still single:


The Aries is a zodiac sign that’s always on the go and wants to accomplish everything he or she sets their mind on. That’s why is they’re single they’re probably seriously pissed off because they still haven’t found their match. The reason for this may be your aggressive spirit, because not everyone can tolerate you. You need to try and meet more people, new people, someone who’s going to be able to put up with you and make you happy. Find someone who’s into competitive games, debates and similar interests, someone who’s into winning just like you.


The Taurus is a special sign that notices things that probably no one else would and even though this is a nice quality, it may interfere with your love life. You need to understand that not everyone is as detail-oriented as you and you need to accept the difference between you and your prospective partners. Once you get your head wrapped around this you may start enjoying life much more.


The Gemini is famous for its people’s skills and its communicative nature, but not everyone appreciates how much they love talking. Their main flaw is probably their inability to listen to other people’s talking and if they want to find love they need to work on this. When they start doing this they may be surprised at everything they may learn about people and will definitely improve their love life.


The Cancer is all about family and friends so introducing new people to their life may be a difficult task. You love your closest people dearly but you need to learn that isolating yourself from the outside world will not get you closer to your soul mate. You may think about asking someone close to you to introduce you  to someone they believe would be a good match for you.


The Leo is a born leader, he’s protective and courageous, but he can also come off as arrogant and aggressive at times. The fact that you want to dominate in a relationship, may put off some people, but it also means that you’re a loyal and trustworthy partner. Confidence is a great quality, but be careful not to overdo it and push people away.


The Virgo’s standards are not easily met, which is why they find it difficult to meet someone they could start a relationship with. They’re tidy, organized and crazy for details,  some people may find your people standards rigid and unattainable so if you want to settle down and improve your love life, you need to relax a bit and take it easy.


Libras have plenty of friends and they’re well liked by almost everyone so it may sound strange when you hear they’re still single. What’s the problem? They’re too dramatic and will start worrying about the silliest things, making it difficult for them to become intimate with someone. They need to relax and start being more practical, go out there and have fun. Love will come!


Scorpios are intense and always want to be in control. This may not be well accepted by others especially because relationships are more about compromises and finding the balance between the two partners. They need to let their guard down and learn how to trust others to be in control sometimes. Lower down your jealousy and don’t be possessive.


The Sagittarius is an adventure seeker and always wants a challenge in life. But not everyone can keep up with their adventurous spirit and they can get a bit wild at times.  They need to calm down a bit and start taking it easy because relationships are about compromises and they can’t expect everyone to be as adventurous as they are.


The Capricorn is efficient and professional, which are good qualities when it comes to work and business but not so much when it comes to love and relationships. They can be a bit unforgiving when it comes to other people’s flaws and they can become too focused on finding the perfect person which may ultimately lead to them staying single.  Love is unpredictable and they need to understand that not everything can go as they planned.


The Aquarius is innovative and has an inner strength that can change the world. They see positive change everywhere they look but when it comes to their emotions they can be a bit reserved. They may hide behind their protective wall when love comes knocking to their door, a wall they didn’t know existed. Lower down your guard and you will be surprised at what love has to offer.


Pisces are sensitive, wise and imaginative, they make an ideal romantic partner. But sometimes they can become too carried away and become blind for the problems right in front of them. This makes it hard for people to try and work things out with them and eventually give up. Try to become more practical and understand that love needs a bit effort and dedication.

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