10 Reasons Why Sleeping Next to Your Loved One is Health Beneficial

10 Reasons Why Sleeping Next to Your Loved One is Health Beneficial

We all have to eat, drink water, breathe and sleep if we want to survive. These are the essential functions of all human beings and are an indispensable part of our lives.

But unlike breathing, eating or drinking water, sleeping is something we all pay little attention to. We almost never get enough sleep nor quality sleep, for that matter, but what we fail to realize is that quality sleep plays an important role in our overall health.

However, it’s not just going to bed early and sleeping the minimum of 8 hours that’s important. The restorative sleep, as scientists call it, calls for a feeling of security, safety and protection, something we get from our parents when we’re little, and from our partners when we’re all grown up.

Scientists say that for good quality sleep, as adults, we require the presence of responsive partners, partners who will be there for us, to comfort us and protect us, and this reduces the stress, anxiety and tension we all feel at the end of the day.

Research shows that the benefits of a loving partner sleeping next to outweigh the small inconveniences, like snoring, blanket stealing and kicking in the sleep. It turns out that loving partners who share the bed actually have a longer and healthier life than the people who sleep alone.

If you’re still uncertain about this and believe that you’re more comfortable sleeping on your own, here are some of the health benefits you’ll have once you start sharing your bed with your loved one:

A sense of security.

Sleeping next to your partner makes you feel safe, which has a positive effect on the quantity and quality of your sleep. It’s a known fact that couples sleep much better when they share a bed and this improves your sleep quality, which is beneficial for your overall health.

You fall asleep faster

You’ve probably noticed that when you go to bed alone you almost always start thinking about anything and everything, which makes falling asleep a bit harder. But when you go to bed with your partner, you’re overwhelmed by the sense of calmness and security it gives you, that you tend to fall asleep faster without thinking about the day-to-day stresses and obligations.

Your anxieties are relieved

According to experts our cortisol levels drop when we’re in bed with our loved one, which stimulates oxytocin release (the love hormone), a hormone known to relieve anxieties. If your stress levels are down, you lower your chance to develop cancer, heart diseases and similar diseases.

It acts as a painkiller

In addition to lowering your stress levels, sleeping next to a loved one also lowers the cytokines count in the body. Why is this important? Because cytokines account for the pain and inflammation in your body and if their count is lower, your pain and inflammation is decreased as well. This means that sleeping next to your partner acts as a natural painkiller, which is super cool.

Increased energy levels

Every morning you wake up with your loved one next to you, you feel happier and have more energy for the day ahead. This happens because you’ve felt calm and secure throughout the night which allowed for a high-quality, restorative sleep and made you feel full of energy in the morning.

Invigorates you and makes you feel and look younger

A Scottish author and neuropsychologist Dr. Weeks wrote a book titled Secrets of the Super-young in which he stressed out the importance of sleeping with your partner. He says that sharing a bed with your partner, cuddling and making love more often can make you look 10 years younger, in addition to lowering your stress levels, which naturally makes you look younger.

It lowers your blood pressure

According to a study which examined the sleep habits and intimacy levels between partners before going to bed partners who sleep together had an overall lower blood pressure. They examined 59 subjects, all women, and concluded that the subjects with highest oxytocin level (increased due to the cuddling and sleeping next to a loved one) had the lowest blood pressure.

Provides the perfect sleeping conditions

It’s general knowledge that our body temperature lowers when we fall asleep. As our bodies cool off, we benefit significantly from the warmth of our partner sleeping next to us. According to sleep experts, sharing a blanket with your partner in bed can make you feel comfortable and warm and make for the perfect conditions to fall asleep fast and sound.

It improves your immune system

If you share a bed with your partner it increases the frequency of your lovemaking which may in turn strengthen your immune system. According to a study conducted at the Wilkes University, couples who were regularly intimate in bed are more resistant to the common cold and the flu, compared to those who aren’t. They had a higher antibody count and thus were much healthier overall.

It can bring you and your partner closer

And finally, possibly the most important benefit from sleeping with your loved one, is strengthening your bond. Partners who share a bed are more satisfied and happier from their relationship and tend to stay together much longer than those who don’t.

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