What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Yes, it is true! Continue reading and find out more about your relationship.

If you sleep far apart and back-to-back:

This position is very practical and also very common. Even though it might seem like you two are distant and you love is fading, the truth is far from that. This position indicates that you two are comfortable and secure with each other. The two of you are close to each other but you also enjoy your independence.

If you want to spoon. 

Another common position for sleeping is the spooning position. This one indicated that you two are close and the one who is the ‘big spoon’ is protective of the one who is the ‘little spoon’. It also means that you two trust each other, you feel secure and also you have confidence in your partner.

If you sleep back-to-back, but you touch and there is no space between you:

This position is common for people who have recently started dating. The two of you usually touch with the lower part of your body and this position indicates that you and your partner feel comfortable and relaxed with each other.

If you sleep intertwined with each other but as the night goes you move apart:

Your faces are close to each other and also your legs and arms are intertwined, but as the night goes on you two move apart. This position indicates independence and also intimacy between the two of you.

The bed is dominated by one of the partners:

This can seriously be one of those toxic relationships. Maybe the best thing you should do is put an end to that relationship before things get very bad.

You use your partner’s chest as your pillow:

Very common sleeping position for those couples whose relationship started very recently. It can also be common in a relationship where the two partners have rekindled their love for each other.

You sleep facing each other, however you are not touching:

This is an indicator of a relationship where the two partners are emotionally demanding of each other. Maybe, the relationship is craving for more intimacy and better communication.

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