Science Finally Reveals Why Smart Girls Are Attracted to Toxic Men!

Science Finally Reveals Why Smart Girls Are Attracted to Toxic Men!

Have you ever met or dated a toxic man? These guys are the worst – they can enter your life totally out of the blue and make you love them with all your heart before destroying every aspect of it later. This is why you have to be smart – falling in love with these men is pretty easy, but if you use your brain, you will escape all the suffering later. Some will say that our emotions are stronger than our reasoning and that’s why women surrender to the charm of toxic men. However, a recent study has shown that the reason isn’t emotional or psychological – it’s actually scientific.

What’s Behind Smart Women’s Obsession With Toxic Men?

The human brain is a complex and mysterious organ. There’s no scientist that has uncovered how the brain works or what makes it tick. Over the years, scientists have studied the brain bit by bit and have come to groundbreaking conclusions. For example, one of the latest studies revealed that our brains are attracted to toxic people even though we realize they’re going to be bad for us. This is why even the smartest women fall prey to toxic men who feed on their weakness. These relationships never work and are nothing more than pure addiction. Over time, toxic men can abuse you mentally and emotionally, making you a train wreck that looks nothing like the girl before.

Moving on is hard, even if you do get out of a toxic relationship. Many girls can find solace in life after breaking up with a toxic man, even though they know it’s for the better. They just keep coming back for more, breaking themselves even more before there’s nothing left of them. It’s almost a case of drug withdrawal which can sometimes end fatally.

When a girl meets a toxic man, she’s lured in by a simple formula. Toxic men are mysterious on purpose, letting a girl they like just enough to keep her satisfied and happy. The mystery surrounding him makes her crazy about him, but the problems pile up as soon as she’s completely hooked. It’s a dangerous trap that leads down an abusive road of which you won’t leave without a scar.

By not acknowledging the problem, even when others are telling you, you won’t be able to fix it. This is why you need to learn about the possible mistakes you’re making in these relationships in order to escape the unfortunate situations that are surely bound to happen. The more you learn about the tactics and methods of toxic men, the more likely you’ll get out of the relationship unscathed. Remember – willpower is everything when you’re in a toxic relationship.

According to a recent study, a few specific hormones are to blame for our attraction to toxic men.

Here are the culprits:


Dopamine is the brain’s pleasure hormone which is triggered by alcohol, drugs, and toxic men as well. It makes us addicted to “rewards” – in case of a toxic relationship, we do the best for our partners and hope they reward our good behavior. The more they reward it, the more dopamine our brains release, making us addicted to the toxic partner.


Oxytocin is a hormone released by the brain in cases of physical contact between people attracted to each other. The same chemical makes us more trusting of someone, even when they don’t deserve it, just like toxic men.


Serotonin keeps our judgment sound, but in cases of low levels of it, we’re making poor decisions that are sure to cost us later. When they’re at their lowest point for a longer period, they are dangerously harmful.

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