You’ll Never Hear a Smart Person Saying These Things in Public

You’ll Never Hear a Smart Person Saying These Things in Public

People who’re emotionally intelligent will never say the following 10 things in front of others:

It’s not fair

If you’re an adult you should be aware that we’re all facing unfairness in life every day, it’s a common situation that shouldn’t surprise you at all. Saying that something isn’t fair won’t make things right, it will just make you will worse about your inability to change things. This is something that you’ll never hear an emotionally intelligent person say because they know that instead of dwelling on the things they can’t change they should focus on what they can do to make things better.

Telling someone they look tired

This is a super dumb thing to say to someone because you can never know what’s happening with them. Regardless of how well you mean, or how concerned you are about someone’s well-being, this question will only show them their worries are written all over their face. Try asking them if they’re Ok, how they feel or something down that line instead.

You look great for your age

This is another thing that we use pretty often but it’s quite offensive for the other person. Just like saying a woman she’s achieved so much for a woman, age and gender factors can be offensive, despite the fact that you probably meant it as a compliment. Leave the gender/age thing aside, and just tell them how good they look or how successful you think they are.

As I mentioned earlier

This is just a snobby thing to say and it should be avoided at all costs. You’re saying that someone hasn’t been listening to you or that they can’t understand what you’re saying so you need to repeat yourself.

You always do that/You never do that

Both of these statements are just said for the drama or with the intention to hurt someone’s feelings. They don’t explain what you’re upset about but just help you make the other person feel bad. Give examples of what bothered you and allow the other person to explain themselves.

Good luck

By definition, luck is something we can’t control so saying to someone good luck is simply stupid. We know you probably mean well but it’s better to say something like “You can do it”, or “I know you’ve got this” will make them more confident than believing luck can change their odds.

I don’t care about it

Someone who asks for your opinion probably wants to hear what you have to say on that topic. Telling them you don’t care about it will just make them think you don’t want to give your feedback and you don’t want to be bothered with meaningless stuff.

I told you so

This is the worst thing you can say as an adult. It’s so immature and doesn’t serve a point. If you’ve warned the other person about something and you turned out to be right, saying I told you so will just rub their failure in their nose and won’t make them feel any better. A mature person will let go of their pettiness and try and help the other person the best way they can.

I quit

When faced with what we think is an insurmountable challenge we often say I quit. But believe it or not, the only thing that stands between you and your challenge is your attitude. Don’t lose faith in yourself and in your ability to achieve greatness. Instead of saying I quit, motivate yourself and just say I can do it!

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