Social Anxiety Linked To High IQ’s And Empathy

Social Anxiety Linked To High IQ’s And Empathy

Many people struggle with social anxiety every day. Each one of us is in great need of deep personal connection with others, but social anxiety prevents this from happening. Even small talks can demand a lot of effort. According to the recent scientific studies people who have a spiritual understanding of life tend to be more prone to mental health issues and anxiety disorders.

One news report from Daily Mail stated: “ Spiritual people’s life has more meaning, even if they are considered to be mentally ill”

Having Social Anxiety Doesn’t Mean Something Is Wrong, It Could Mean Something Is Right.

Studies showed that people who suffer from social anxiety often have deeper emotional connection to the other people around them. When their loved ones are in pain, they are in pain too. However, people with social anxiety can be more intelligent. One research done at the Lakehead University, discovered that people with anxiety scored higher on intelligence tests. People who have General Anxiety Disorder and suffer from depression scored much higher in verbal- linguistic tests. Another study from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel found that people with anxiety, were actually a lot better at keeping focus while taking care of the primary threat as other small treats are being thrown at them at the same time, increasing their chances of survival.  All of this is a result of anxious people constantly analyzing everything that surrounds them, thinking, processing and collecting information.

There are many tools who can help you manage anxiety: medications, breathing exercises, psychological therapy and many others. It is very important to learn how to handle your anxiety, even though is a very big burden to carry, but it certainly has some upsides.

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