Sociopaths Use These Phrases to Make You Go Insane

Sociopaths Use These Phrases to Make You Go Insane

There’s not a person on Earth who hasn’t crossed paths with a sociopath. These people are among the worst you can meet – they enjoy messing with other people’s heads and will manipulate you without you being aware. They will use you in order to gain something they want, then leave you overnight without thinking twice.

Narcissists and sociopaths can be anyone you know, including your family members, friends, and colleagues. These manipulators care for no one but themselves and will do anything to reach their twisted goals. They won’t think twice about using you and will use their power over you to get what they want. As soon as they’re done, they’ll leave you broken and move on to their next target.

Narcissists and sociopaths can ruin your life, but luckily for you, we have a few phrases they use to make you go crazy which can help you identify them and cut ties with them before it’s too late:
“You’re ________”

Feel free to complete the sentence on your own. “You’re jealous”, “You’re crazy”, “You’re bipolar” – all these sentences are often used by sociopaths just to mess with your head and make you feel insecure. Once they have you on your knees, they will forever hook your soul and won’t give you freedom until they’re done.

“You Don’t Understand Me”

Narcissists and sociopaths are used to blaming others for their own mistakes, often saying no one understands them. It’s a technique known as gaslighting – if you notice anyone acting like this, you better stay away from them.

“Stop Being A Snowflake!”
Narcissists and sociopaths have the tendency to push other people’s buttons and then blaming them for being sensitive. This is only a way of excusing themselves and keeping you hooked on them as they tell you to “toughen” or “grow up”.

“Stop Being a Drama Queen”

Sociopaths will try to undermine your emotions by accusing you of being a drama queen. It’s their way of tearing you down and making you second-guess your feelings.

“You’re Overthinking Stuff”

Sometimes, we do overthink stuff and suffer for it. However, sociopaths often do things that are borderline paranoid, then blame you for overthinking stuff. They do so because they like to watch you go deep in the mouth of madness while strengthening their grip on your life.

“You Won’t Survive Without Me!”

If you leave them, sociopaths and narcissists will play this card. The reality is that they hate losing control over their ‘victims’, but you can survive on your own. If you walk out the door and you hear your friend or family member saying this, you should know that your life is going to get much better soon – after all, you’ve eliminated a very toxic presence from your life.

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