Soulmates Have An Invisible Thread Between Them That Will Eventually Bring Them Together

Soulmates Have An Invisible Thread Between Them That Will Eventually Bring Them Together

According to one legend, there’s an invisible string that connects two people destined to be together. The so-called fate thread connects two people which are meant to be together no matter the consequences. This thread is red in color, which is the color of attraction and love and the color that binds people together.

The legend is based on an ancient East Asian myth. The myth says that there are red strings around the ankles of soulmates who are bound to be together for eternity. It’s a very similar concept to “twin flames” or “soulmates” – the only difference is that the proverb says that you’re tied to that person instead of meeting them.

The legend talks about a boy who was coming back home one night when he met an old woman reading a book on the road. He asked her what’s she reading and the woman said it was a book of marriage. The old woman told the boy he will soon meet a girl which will be his wife. She showed him the girl and the boy didn’t really like her. He was enraged by the idea of marrying that girl, throwing a rock in the distance and going home.

Years later, the boy married one of the most beautiful girls in the village. It was an arranged marriage and he was happy about it. As soon as he lifted her veil, he saw a large scar above her eyebrow. “What’s this?” he asked. The girl told him that she’d been hit with a rock when she was a girl – the same rock the boy threw after talking to the old woman! He was amazed that he met the exact girl he was destined to be with after all the years.

This legend sends a powerful message – no matter what we do, we simply cannot run from destiny. It also says that we need to be loyal, compassionate and devoted even if we meet the person we’re destined to be with. We have a whole universe within us and it knows how to fulfill our destiny and wishes.

The Chinese believe that we’re bound to the red thread as soon as we’re born. They grow tighter as we age and cannot be broken. The red thread guides us to the person we’re destined to be with no matter the consequences. Even if you knew about him or her and want to run away from your destiny, it will still find a way to fulfill itself. The red thread is an unbreakable bond and those connected with it are partners for life. No matter how much you tangle with it or try to break it, you will never be able to destroy it.

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