The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

The public water is purified with a substance that is called fluoride. The fluoride is also used for tooth decay reducing. Although many people will tell you the opposite, the fluoride is not safe at all!

Fluoride can be very dangerous for our brain. Over four hundred studies have shown that fluoride acts like a neurotoxin, or moreover it can get our brains damaged. Some of the studies were also connected with fetal brain development. It is serious and terrifying as it sounds and it should stop immediately!

The information about how harmful can be the fluoride is increasing all the time. Even if there is only small percentage of fluoride it can still damage your brain.  A review that was published in Lancet and some scientists from Harvard pointed out this issue but the government is still ignoring it.

The National Research Council (NCR) back in 2006, has stated that:


If you have doubts about how fluoride can be very dangerous, I truly hope that now you will have a clear picture. You cannot say that this is not true. Fluoride is included in the group of the real toxins. There was also one research that has shown how to decrease the damage or even make it useful. Because the damage of the fluoride cannot be reversed yet, the scientists has successfully achieved to reduce the damage by using the spice curcumin.

Curcumin is antioxidant that doesn’t allow the toxins from the fluoride to get into your system. Curcumin used to be just a healthy spice that people used in their diets. Now it has become the most wanted product on the market. The study was done by researchers on the University of Sukhadia in the Zoology department. These researches have spent more than 10 years of investigating the consequences of the fluoride over the mammals’ brains.

The focus was put on the cerebral cortex and on the hippocampus as well. In order to prove that the curcumin is a protector from the dangerous fluoride, the scientists have separated mice in 4 groups:

  1. 1. control (no fluoride)
  2. 2. fluoride 120ppm
  3. fluoride 120ppm/ 3m mg/ kg bidy weight plus curcumin

4.curcumin 30mg/kg body weight

As it was expected, only the group that was treated with curcumin has showed lowered levels of fluoride. Thus the protective effects of the curcumin have been proved. For more information, you can find out about the other benefits of the curcumin in the video below!

Useful information is that curcumin can be also found in turmeric.

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