Stop Dating and Never Marry A Guy Who Has These 8 Habits

Stop Dating and Never Marry A Guy Who Has These 8 Habits

Every one of us has certain habits which can say a lot about our personality. Some habits are positive, but others are way too negative and can actually tell you that the guy you’re dating isn’t the one you should date or marry. If your man has these 8 habits, stop dating and don’t even think about marrying him!

He’s Narrow-Minded

Would you really like to spend your life with a person who is narrow-minded and not open to new ideas? You can’t be with someone who’ll restrain you from doing what you like just because he mistrusts you. This kind of behavior isn’t healthy and will create numerous problems in your relationship or marriage which will eventually lead to its doom.

He Hates Animals

If your guy hates animals, stop daring him and don’t even consider marrying him! We’re serious! People who hate animals lack empathy and are usually pretty cruel, and we guess that unless you’re masochistic you won’t like living with that kind of person your whole life. So, unless he hates animals because of allergies, you may want to skip the date with your guy.

Relationship Rules Don’t Mean Anything to Him

All relationships have a set of rules which should be followed – if either of the partners doesn’t stick to them, you’re going to have a bad time. This is a sign of disrespect and a major factor in breakups, so make sure to always follow the ground rules.

He’s Always Finding Excuses

Excuses in a relationship are a big no-no. They are essentially a way of saying that your guy doesn’t really consider you important. If you don’t matter to him as much as he does to you, then what’s the point of being together, right?

He Lies

Lying has no place in a relationship whatsoever. Sometimes, white lies are kind of needed, but if it becomes a habit, he’ll start lying about everything. Lies damage a relationship more than anything else, so if you notice that your guy lies often, it might be best to end your relationship.

He Hates His Family

Yes, we admit, parents can be boring and annoying, but you can’t hate them because of it. Family is everything and should be cherished and respected. Marriage is all about starting a family, so how can you expect him to start his own family when he hates his former one?

He’s Immature

Sure, being a bit immature and stubborn can be cute and funny, but if he’s a guy who throws people off and his dealings with those around him are hasty and immature, he’s not a person you’d like to spend your life with. Impatience never brings anything good – it’s a negative trait especially in guys you previously thought were the one.

He Abuses You

It goes without saying that if your guy abuses you physically or emotionally, he’s got no place in your life. Violence cannot be excused and good luck if you think you can change him before marrying him. Marry a guy that doesn’t know how to control anger, and you’ll surely regret it later.

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