A Group of 9th Grade Students Did a Wi-Fi Experiment That Got Global Attention

A Group of 9th Grade Students Did a Wi-Fi Experiment That Got Global Attention

Many researchers from different countries were interested in the experiment that was performed by five girls in 9th grade from Jutland.

The experiment was part of a biology class, and it was so great that it achieved global attention. Many famous scientists and radiation experts heard about it.

The girls didn’t expect this.

One of the girls, Lea Nielsen says:  “It was really interesting experience for me and I can’t believe that this happened.”

Mathilde Nielsen, another girl from the group says “You can only experience this once and it’s so interesting”.

The experiment started when their level of concentration at school was really low.

Lea Nielsen has pointed out that all of them were tired, and if they slept with the phones next to their head, they weren’t able to concentrate and they suffered from insomnia.

Here is what they did next:

The girls took 400 cress seeds and they put them in 12 plates. Afterwards, they put 6 plates in different rooms at equal temperature. They treat the seeds in the plates in the same way, giving them equal amount of sun and water for twelve days.

Nevertheless, six of the plates were located next to wi-fi routers. Those routers emits equal amount of radiation like a cell phone.

The results that came after 12 days wee shocking!

The seeds that were placed next to the Wi-Fi routers didn’t grow, they appeared as mutated and some of them died.

unexposed cress

exposed cress

It’s very scary that there is so much damage, and we are all in shock of the result”, pointed out Lea.

The professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Olle Johanson was really amazed by this experiment.

He even repeated the experiment with one of his colleagues,Professir Marie- Claire Cammaert at the Univerisite libre de Bruxelles.

“The girls did a great job, and choosing cress seeds was very smart thing to do. They successfully performed great experiment and they got very interesting results. Now I can go on”, says the professor.

He sent an invitation right away:

“I truly hope that they will continue to do this, they are very talented and I would like to have them in my work-team!”

This experiment has shown something very important, something that we are all doing it and we are not aware of the affect.

“After the results from the experiment, I don’t sleep with my phone and I always check if my laptop is turned off” says Lea.

If you sleep next to a WI-FI router, change the position of your bed, change the room or replace the router. Before you go to bed, leave your phone or your laptop in the other room.

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