Study says: if you suffer from anxiety you might have some superpower

Study says: if you suffer from anxiety you might have some superpower

Even though it feels like nothing good can come out of having anxiety, it just might be the other way around.

The good aspect of having an anxiety is that you have heightened a sense of perception.

1.    You can feel other people’s energy.

You can easily feel if someone has bad or good vibrations. Bad vibrations make you feel uncomfortable and people with good vibrations make you feel more at ease when around them.

2.    You are very empathetic.

Because these people can detect emotions better than others, they are more concerned about how someone feels. Even though this appears useless it is actually very important and you can make difference in someone’s life.

3.    You have life-saving instincts.

Anxiety makes you feel more aware of things that are going on around you, thus it can be life-saving. I am talking about that bad feeling in your stomach that makes you go away from situations before they escalate.

4.    Your IQ is higher.

Studies showed that people with anxiety have higher IQ than normal people. This comes due to the fact that they overanalyze everything and predict all the possible outcomes from a certain situation.

Having an anxiety is actually very special. Being anxious and over thinking, things might lead you to achieve great things in your life. Because they tend to overanalyze every situation, they are ready for whatever outcome there might come across.

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