Ever Wondered How Would You Look If You Went Sugar-Free? Check This 70 Years Old Woman Who Is Sugar-Free For 28 Years

Ever Wondered How Would You Look If You Went Sugar-Free? Check This 70 Years Old Woman Who Is Sugar-Free For 28 Years

Carolyn Hartz decided to give up on sugar and be sugar-free for almost 30 years.

Today she looks stunning and even better than people who are much younger than her.

She says that is you want results then you must take some actions and that it is never too late to do so.

Many women believe that it is impossible to be in shape post 50, but Carolyn Hartz does not agree with this and she proved that if you want you can still look hot post 50.

She mentions that she is aware that the metabolism is slowing down as the years go by, but that means that you should start making healthier choices and work out a bit harder.

She also says that people must be aware of the food that they are consuming and its quality and quantity.

If you eat mindlessly you will end up gaining weight. Diet and attitude are the two things a woman should have in order to change her life and start living healthy.

She adds that you also need to be positive and cheerful if you want to age like her. Of course, the most important factor is to be sugar-free.

She is sugar-free for 28 years and she admits it was difficult at the beginning but she put her health as a priority and that is what kept her going.

She eats protein especially in the morning because it helps surpass the cravings. People also should not stop eating the food they love, but they must be careful with the portions.

Another important thing is sleeping and she recommends 8 hours of sleep every day and maybe some meditation.

She has been using the same skincare regiment since she was only 17 and the secret is that you must clean your face before going to bed and always moisturize.  She also mentions that she never forgets to use sunscreen and she does not expose her skin to the sun more than the recommended. She truly knows that the sun can be damaging and she even had cancer removed from her nose when she was 30.

Carolyn Hartz also says that it wrong to compare yourself with other women, you can like the way they look and they can be an inspiration but you are your own person and you cannot look exactly the same as some else does.

Friends are also important and you should be happy about their success and never be a jealous person, just be happy for everybody and do not think much about your age.

For the young people in their 20 and 30, she advises them to live life to the fullest, just grab life in your hands and make the most of it.

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