Super-Human Abilities Confirmed By NASA

Super-Human Abilities Confirmed By NASA

Even NASA confirmed that with using a technique like sun-gazing, people can gain some super powers. This technique is used by people who practice Aztec, Egyptian, Mayan, Tibetan and Indian yoga and have noticed that it has some healing benefits and also you can obtain some super-human abilities like telepathy or you can live without the need for food.  Nikola Tesla had some ideas that correspond to this. He was searching a way to make the living beings not dependable on consuming food, but instead to find a way to obtain energy from the environment.

Sun-gazing is a practice when a person gradually is introducing the sunlight to his/her eyes at the time of the day when the ultraviolet index is the lowest, sunset and sunrise. The rules are that if you don’t want to damage your eyes, you have to perform this within the first hour of sunrise and the last hour of sunset. Also, you have to do it barefoot so that you can contact the earth (dirt, mud or sand). You must start with only 10 seconds of gazing and gradually increase it by 10 seconds every following day.

A person from Ukraine named Nikolai Dolgoruky, has been practicing this technique for 12 years and he is basically living off solar energy. Other patricians of sun-gazing said that they have lost the need for food after 9 months since they started with it. If you want to further the process of sun gazing you will need to walk barefoot 45 minutes a day on the actual earth, after 9 months after you started this process.

A man named Hira Ratan Manek submitted himself to the very NASA, so that he can prove them that sun gazing is a real thing. During the observation that lasted about 100 days, he proved that he can survive on sunlight and very little water and buttermilk.

Those who study this technique say that the first three months the energy of the sun is moving through your eyes and it is changing the hypothalamus tract. This hypothalamus tract leads to the brain and after some time of sun gazing the brain is becoming activated by the energy that is gained from the sun.

The food we eat is actually feeding the things that cause us to worry and create us a mental tension, so by limiting the food intake, we are cutting their fuel. In the initial stages of the sun gazing it is OK to continue eating, but after some period the appetite will naturally disappear.

Because you will start living without tension, you will be able to solve problems more easily and with more confidence. All the negativity you have, will be gradually replaced with positivity. You should have reached to 15 minutes of gazing after three months since you started.

Feelings of lust, anger, fear, and jealousy will gradually start disappearing and will be replaced with the positive energy; simply your hearth will become purer.

Even physical diseases will start disappearing after 3-6 months of sun gazing. All the sun’s colors will reach your brain when you gradually reach 30 minutes grazing per day. According to color therapists, all diseases can be cured if they are exposed to the color that the body is missing and that’s why they support the sun gazing. The liver needs the color green, the hearth color yellow and the kidneys need the color red. This is why doctors and nutritionists always suggest eating colorful foods.

After 6 months of sun gazing your body will repair all the damages to the body and the mind and it will channel itself into you gaining some super-human abilities.

After 7 and half months, the need for food will be severally lowered, because the sun is providing the energy that your body needs. So, after 9 months cravings, hunger pains, the taste for food and its aroma will disappear.

You are advised to stop with sun gazing after you reach nine months and continue with barefoot walking for 6 days, 45 minutes each day.  During this stage your pineal gland is activated, therefore if each toe is connected to some specific gland you activate these glands simply by barefoot walking.

When you walk barefoot with the sun falling on your head you create a sort of magnetic field around your body and in your body, which is charging your brain and your body.

This stage is important because by walking on earth your pineal gland is getting more and more activated, which leads to you having a better memory and increased intellect. This gland also has psychic and navigational capabilities, which means telepathy and the possibility of flight are becoming a prospect. It is believed that sun gazing has the key to the possibility to be in more than one place at the same time.

After walking barefoot for a year, you can continue with 3-4 days per week and you are on the right path.

You need to regularly check your eyes to see if the sun has made some damage, but this will not happen if you have been following the instructions.

It is something that, to be honest, will not require a lot of your time, I mean its only 10 seconds and the beginning. And, if it is really beneficial as much as it is believed then why not try it yourself and see how it will go.

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