Did You Feel Some of These Symptoms After the Solar Eclipse Happened?

Did You Feel Some of These Symptoms After the Solar Eclipse Happened?

With the entrance of the Full Moon in Pisces on 6th of September, many people started feeling relieved from the intensity of the past period. This article is written because of two main reasons:

  1. To point out the proper usage of astrology in the field of health and prosperity.
  2. To raise awareness on the various timing energies which can work for all the people if used properly.

Many Facebook posts were spotted right after the eclipse in which people were writing about some changes and symptoms in physical and intellectual manner. They were explaining that they’ve become very emotional and were crying a lot more than usual. They felt emotionally touched without any particular reason.

What is the meaning to all this?

Honestly, an arrival of massive changes in your life is true, and it will affect every one of you. We all have two options of how to react to all this: We can either accept the changes or synchronize with them in order to have a successful transformation, or we can continue fighting against the symptoms and refuse them, like we do throughout the Year. Even so, you should know that this effect is not the most important one and that you should stick to it no matter what, but it really has an effect on every person individually.

Recent astrologer, Carmen Diluccio has explained few details about these effects and their influence. According to him, in astrological manners we’ve been experiencing quite an extreme year with lots of surprisingly peculiar turns of events. People undoubtedly felt the energy and couldn’t resist of showing off their potentials. But after the eclipse it all began to calm down.

A Relief at the End

For some of us might be a worrying year. The thing is; it is a matter of perception of the people who are experiencing this stuff and the matter of reacting to them. The year has brought us good and bad times and people tried to cover some of them. Not only we should take that into consideration, but this year has a huge impact on all of us and we should be optimistic about it. It is really important to let things happen in order that the universe allows us, and not keep them inside.  Again, it depends on every persona how he or she will decide to go further.

We often want to blame on the astrology for our bad behaviors and mistakes in life. Stars and horoscope don’t always make those mistakes. In many cases we’ve misunderstood the terms of the astrology and started believing in something totally wrong.

Carmen explained in one interview few details about the overall moon. He added that this time has been a time of changes, adjustments and focusing ourselves on huge, brand new beginnings. The first few weeks of September after the full moon will make us adjust to all those changes. Moreover, every one of us will feel an improvement.

As for the solar eclipse he said to follow our hearts. Maybe we have some hidden creative powers that are left to be discovered. Listen to what the collision of your mind and heart has to say and follow it.

To summarize, you should follow the beginning of the changes. It can be tricky, but there is always a way out.

Source > yourhealthremind.com

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