Talking to Yourself? Don’t Worry, You’re Not Crazy – You May Be a Genius!

Talking to Yourself? Don’t Worry, You’re Not Crazy – You May Be a Genius!

Do you talk to yourself a lot? We don’t mean at home when no one’s looking – have you ever talked to yourself in public? The public sees this behavior as weird and many people who talk to themselves are considered crazy when they’re actually perfectly sane. If you’re one of those people who talk to themselves, you can rest assured you’re completely healthy – as a matter of fact, science has your back as well.

According to latest studies, people who talk to themselves are geniuses. Many of the geniuses we know and praise actually talked to themselves often, including the great Albert Einstein. It may look weird, but it’s nothing serious – in fact, it may be a sign of your genius!

Here’s how talking to yourself helps you in life:

It Helps You Make Sense of Things

Talking to yourself will help you materialize things you’re thinking about and help you get a better understanding of them. It’s nothing to worry yourself about – in fact, it will make you smarter.

It’s a Sign of Genius

Science has been able to confirm that the smartest people from the past were often seen talking to themselves. The list includes Albert Einstein, who even repeated sentences slowly to himself. See? You’re not crazy – you may actually be a genius!

It Improves the Function of Your Brain

According to a study conducted by psychologists Gary Lupya and Daniel Swigley, talking to ourselves can improve the way our brain works. In the experiments, Lupya and Swigley gave 20 participants a name of an item they should find in a supermarket. During the first test, they were not allowed to repeat the word to themselves while searching. In the second test, they repeated the name of the item while looking for it, and the results were obvious. The second test helped most participants find what they’re looking for far more quickly, which means that talking to ourselves improves the way our brain works.

It Helps You Find What You Need Only When You Know What You’re Looking For

On the negative side, talking to yourself can be confusing if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. If you’re repeating the name of an item you’re not sure what it looks like, you’re just going to slow down your brain. You can’t make sense of something you haven’t seen. If you have seen it, however, repeating the name of the item will help you find it faster.

You Learn It as a Child

Did you know that we actually learn about this trait when we’re children? Babies often repeat what people around them are saying – it’s like a practice which helps them learn our language. According to experts, the self-directed speech helps children develop and helps them stay focused. Children learn through actions and self-directed speech can help them in it. Thanks to it, they will make sense of the things around them much easier.

It Organizes Your Thoughts and Helps You Achieve Goals

Talking to yourself about important stuff will organize the rampant thoughts on your mind and help you focus. It helps validate important decisions and will definitely help you achieve certain goals you might have on your mind. Make a list of important things in your life and repeat the words often – this will clear your mind and help you focus on one thing at a time, eventually guiding you to the goals.

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