Here’s How You Can Tell He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Here’s How You Can Tell He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

If you doubt your partner’s love and his true feelings, the little details in your relationship will help you determine if your doubts are true. Analyzing your relationship and his behavior will reveal the truth, even though it may not be the truth you’re hoping for. Maybe you’ll find out that you worry for nothing, or maybe he simply doesn’t feel the same anymore. Whatever the case, it’s better to find out now and deal with the consequences.

The devil is in the details, you know what they say, and these small details will tell you if your relationship is worth fighting for or if you just need to let it go.

He seems uninterested

If he no longer shows his affection or his interest in you he’s probably fallen out of love and it’s time for you to let him go. Talk to him and just tell him you know how he feels. Focus on yourself and exit the relationship with your head up high. Happiness lies elsewhere for you.

He’s always thinking about something or someone else

This has probably already caught your attention and you’ve probably wondering what’s the matter with him. If he always seems absent-minded, with his head in another place and he never seems to listen to what you have to say he probably doesn’t feel the same way anymore. You need to talk to him and decide what to do with your relationship.

You have nothing to talk about

No matter what you want to say to him he seems to lose interest and doesn’t care about anything that happens in your life. If you no longer have any conversational topics, you need to think about moving on.

You’re the main culprit for everything

If you’re always to blame for everything that happens even when it’s got nothing to do with you, you should definitely move on, there’s nothing more for you in this relationship.

There’s no mutual support

Your partner should be your rock, your biggest support in every possible situation. If this is no longer the case, if you can no longer count on him to be there for you and support you in your ups and downs, he probably doesn’t love you anymore and you need to start looking for a way out.

He’s never around

If he uses every opportunity he can get to be outside, on business trips, drinking with friends and you’re never invited, we have to break it to you, he’s lost his interest in you. If you’re never included in his social events and he spends more time outside than at home with you, there’s no point in staying in this relationship.

You’re always left behind

If you’re not included in your partner’s plans for the future he simply doesn’t see a future with you in it. The best move here is to exit the relationship and find your happiness elsewhere.

He treats you with disrespect

If he doesn’t treat you with respect, there’s really not much else we can say about it. A loving partner will always put you first, will care about your feelings and will never let you feel bad. If your partner isn’t doing any of the things above, he probably doesn’t love you anymore.

He doesn’t offer any explanations about his actions

This usually happens when your partner no longer sees you as a part of his life so he considers he doesn’t need to give you any explanations for anything he does. You don’t matter to him and you shouldn’t be with him anymore.

You start to hate yourself

This is the ultimate phase in an unloving relationship. He doesn’t make you feel good anymore and you start to hate him and yourself for it. He hurts you, he makes you feel like you don’t matter and you become miserable. There’s no point in staying in the relationship, just leave him and move on.


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