Here’s How To Tell If Your Man Is The One

Here’s How To Tell If Your Man Is The One

According to experts, we’re being most honest in moments of fear or love. We reveal our true selves only to our partners, as we don’t have the luxury of pretense when in a relationship. This is why it’s important to pay more attention to the words and actions of your partner in order to see if he really loves you.

Here are 6 things which indicate that your man is truly your soulmate:

He’s Not Abusive

Physical and mental domestic violence is unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated under any circumstances. There’s absolutely no reason to justify violent behavior in a relationship. Self-control is a sign that your man is mature – on the other hand, if he can’t control himself and often gives himself in to violent urges, he will never grow up and change. You should exit this kind of relationship on time before you’re forever damaged.

He Supports You

If your man really loves you, he will help you chase your dreams. Even if he doesn’t understand what drives you, he knows that he needs to push you towards your goals and be supportive of your actions. If he really loves you, he’ll even help you turn to alternative goals when the main plan fails.

He Makes You Feel Safe

Although gender roles are pretty fluid nowadays, a man should definitely make his girl feel safe. This is one of the fundamental parts of being in a relationship. Both partners should feel safe in a relationship and each other’s company – if they don’t, the relationship is doomed to fail. Being able to expose yourself is a sign of trust – if you can do this around him, it means you’re feeling safe. This is the kind of guy you should definitely marry.

He’s Honest

A man that truly loves his girlfriend should be completely honest with her. No matter the temptation, he will stay loyal if he loves you. If he’s truly the man from your dreams, he will never lie to you. This is a sign of a mature man whose inner peace prevents him from lying.

It’s not just about sexual temptations – your man shouldn’t lie to you no matter what. If there’s something you need to hear, he will say it even if it hurts you both. If you’re on the wrong path, he won’t lie to you. His honesty is for life, so don’t expect him to say things you want to hear.

He’s Selfless and Generous

The ideal man lives with reckless abandon and fierce loyalty and passion. There’s no limit to how much love he can give. He will respect your needs and work with them in order to keep you happy.

He Makes You Happy

A man who truly loves his girlfriend will do anything to keep her happy. Ask yourself if your heart beats faster when you see him? Does time fly when you’re together? Are you comfortable spending hours with him without getting bored? If you are, he really is the man from your dreams.

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