How to Tell if Someone Wants to Be With You

How to Tell if Someone Wants to Be With You

Life is all about being with the people you love, your friends, your family and of course your love interest. But before everything, you need to find the person you want to spend time with, to find someone you like and someone who likes you back. So how can you tell if the person you like, likes you back? How can you tell if someone wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them?

Well, if you aren’t sure about the signals you’re getting from your prospective partner, here’s a list of things they’ll do if they want to win you over:

They always come bringing gifts

And we’re not talking about lavish, expensive things, it’s the little things that matter. For example, they’ll show up with a cup of your favorite coffee, or a bag with your beloved pastries, but they always know exactly what you want. They simply pay attention to your likes and dislikes and want to please you by showing that they care. They notice every little thing about you and there’s not really much more we can say, they want to be with you.

They compliment you

They’re always showering you with compliments and have the nicest things to say to you. They always tell you how amazing, good-looking, smart and stylish you are and you can’t get enough if their praise. They just feel like they need to express what they think of you and sometimes not even words are enough. If someone is constantly praising your biggest qualities and they’re showing their admiration, they’re trying to win your heart and want to be with you.

Their body language speaks louder than their words

Sometimes the language of the body is much louder than our actual language and this is the surest sign someone is attracted to you. They may be smiling all the time, or trying to make eye contact, touching you spontaneously and you simply know they’re into you. When someone is in the company of their love interest, their entire body posture changes, they smile more and they want to present themselves in the best light. If you know someone who acts this way with you, they’re into you.

Eye contact

According to a study by the Chicago University, you can tell that someone likes you by the way they look into your eyes. Eyes are the window to our soul and they can reveal our deepest secrets. In today’s society, people try to avoid eye contact, unless you’re with someone you’re interested in, romantically. In this case, you try to catch the other person’s gaze and keep it centered on yourself. You want the other person to look at you, notice you and simply look into your eyes while you talk to them.

They want to know everything about you

If someone likes you, they’ll want to know everything about you. They’ll enjoy listening all about your hobbies and interests, they’ll want to participate with you in doing everything you love doing. Even if it’s something that they don’t particularly enjoy, knowing that it makes you happy, will make them happy as well. It’s simply amazing to find someone who likes us for who we are and doesn’t try and change us according to their needs and desires.

They really listen to you

Whenever you talk to someone who likes you, you’ll notice that you have their undivided attention. They’ll listen carefully to every word that comes from your mouth and will pay attention to everything you’re trying to say. This is a hard thing to come by in today’s hectic world, full of distractions and disarray, where listening to someone has truly become a lost art. But when someone is all ears around you, without looking at their phone or looking around, then this person is really into you.

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