Tesla’s Secret About Amplifying Power by Nearly 5000% is Solved by Jim Murray

Tesla’s Secret About About Amplifying Power by Nearly 5000% is Solved by Jim Murray

Jim Murray is well known for his intelligence and dedication to science. He is seen as a brilliant electrical engineer, inventor and a researcher who provided many patents. His most famous discovery lead to the way of how the energy is used nowadays.

He was passionate for science and technology since he was young. He wanted to make the world a better place by implementing his knowledge. He was only five years old when his passion for motors and electricity was born.

The model train sets that belonged to his dad were something that Murray spent hours working on. By the time he was six, he came up with the creation of his very first electromagnet.

Years later his devotion to technology and his eagerness to do and to learn more, brought him into other fields. In elementary school he constructed radios and rockets and later on when he was in high school, he was noticed by the nuclear physics.

The knowledge he gained in this field helped him to create a linear electron accelerator that took part on a contest in New England Science Talent Search in 1964. His invention won a first place awards in the school, in the city and in the state science competitions.

But most of all, he was focused on Nikola Tesla’s asserts regarding power generation and transmission.

He wanted to reach Tesla’s original papers and sources, but the government locked them and they weren’t accessible after Nikola Tesla died. Murray’s dedication was so big that he continued searching. He even made contacts with some people who were personally close to Tesla.

This research of Murray made the FBI angry. They did not want to allow someone to ‘clone’ Tesla’s Technology.

This questioning by FBI wasn’t something that Murray appreciated, but he continued investigating. After years of hard work and experimenting, he created the Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply or SERPS device. An electronic device that can precisely specify which power is being applied to it, even fifty times.

Murray was still unsatisfied by this invention, so he connected the device with the ultra-fast nanosecond switching technology by Paul Babcock. The result was a growth in power of around 4790%. This will very likely lead to a revolution in the electric power industry, by making it amazingly cheaper.

SERPS should reduce the carbon footprint for the whole planet. All of this might contribute to restriction of oil and natural gas along with the other carbon energy sources, mostly known as the main ‘creators’ of global warming.

Jim stated that the energy produced by this device can be doubled many times. According to him, in future this technology will be very useful. The fact that the traditional electrical power will be replaced with totally new cheaper one, gives us hope for a brighter future.

This technology can cause a drastic change in the oil industries around the world. The reason why FBI inspected this project was probably for these reasons.

But most important of all is that nor FBI or other government agencies are going to affect or take part in Murray’s work and determination.

Source > curiousmindmagazine.com

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