Tesla’s New Semi Truck Is Reveled, It Has A Tremendous 500-Mile Range

Tesla’s New Semi Truck Is Reveled, It Has A Tremendous 500-Mile Range

The anticipation is over as the Tesla Company presented the new semi truck. This truck, most important of all, is a eco-friendly, it can reach 60 mph in only 5 seconds and it has a 500-mile range.

The environment will now have a new friend because with this truck people can transport goods from one country to another with zero pollution.

The creators of this truck estimated that if you load it with about 80.000 of cargo, the truck in 20 seconds can reach 60 mph. Which compared to diesel trucks is about 40 seconds faster. For a smooth deceleration and acceleration, there is no need for shifting and clutching. The truck also has regenerative braking, which can make about 98% of the kinetic energy recycled to the battery.  The truck can have almost infinite brake life.

Another great advantage is that this truck is a lot safer than the regular ones. This truck’s independent motors can adjust torque, which makes jackknifing nearly impossible and it is also diminishing the threat of rolling. This vehicle will keep moving even if by some chance it’s two motors stop working.

The company has so much faith in this truck that they give a guarantee for the motor for a million miles. Tesla also guarantees that the truck’s eclectic brake pads will never need to be replaced due to the fact that this truck has no transmission. This truck also has thermonuclear glass that is explosion-proof.

The company is planning to install Mega-chargers in a lot of locations so that the drivers can recharge this vehicle. The truck has also better driving position, which is giving the driver a better visibility. The driver’s cabin is so tall that you can fully stand up in there. Also, there are touchscreen displays on both sides of the steering wheel. Another beneficial feature for the drivers is the enhanced autopilot, which enables the truck to follow a line of one or more trucks.

Big trucks are known for emitting great amounts of CO2, and this truck can help with that problem. We can simply wish that truck drivers are willing to invest in this kind of trucks and help the planet.

Tesla’s truck is expected to be on the market in 2019 and you can reserve one by deposing 5.000 dollars.

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