Personality Test: The First Thing You See in the Photos Below Can Reveal a Lot About You!

Personality Test: The First Thing You See in the Photos Below Can Reveal a Lot About You!

We all love personality quizzes, they’re fun and entertaining and can often be quite accurate. Sometimes we like what we read about our choice, sometimes we don’t, but nevertheless we have fun trying to decipher the hidden meaning behind the answers.

For today we decided to offer you a few personality tests and each and every one will give you a few interesting facts about you and your personality. Look at the photos below and tell us what you see first. The first thing that comes to mind will reveal your personality, the way you look at life and the state of mind in which you are at the moment.


A car

If the picture looks like a car it means that you value your freedom deeply. You don’t like to be told what to do and always want to have your freedom of choice in life.

It also means that you’re good at analyzing things and go into every miniscule detail while you do it. This can at times be bad for you because it can make you lose sight of the big picture and overanalyze things in certain situations.

Attention to details is a good quality in a person, but try to look at the big picture from time to time, you may be surprised at what you see.

A guy looking through binoculars

If a guy with binoculars is the first thing you notice in the picture you’re probably always focused on the bigger picture in life and stress about the detail. This also reveals that you absorb information through quick glances and a broader perspective, rather than analyzing all the details in a given situation.

Having a sense for the broader picture can be a good quality, but sometimes details are important as well, don’t forget it!

An A

If you’ve seen the letter A in this picture, you’re among the rarest types as this is the hardest thing to spot. This reveals your hidden talent to see things that no one else can.

You have a good intuition and you’re an outside-the-box thinker. This quality will make you a good crime-solver, meaning a career in the PI business or crime-fighting force would suit you.


If you’re a woman and the first thing you saw in this picture is a girl amazing things will happen to you in the near future. As you can see the girl is looking up to the sky, just like you, meaning that you always have a positive attitude in life which can often be contagious. You’re satisfied with yourself and the life you’re leading and that happiness reflects in your eyes. It also means you’re independent and confident, you trust yourself and the choices you make.

If you’re a guy and the girl is the first thing you saw it speaks of your interest in the opposite sex. Maybe your mind is occupied with a certain girl that makes you feel happy or sad and you’re trying to get her to notice you. Whatever the case, you’d be better trying to improve yourself and work on your self-confidence, everything else will soon follow.


If you’re a man and the man’s face is the first thing you saw it means that you have concerns regarding some colleague, a close friend or family member who’s having troubles in life. Whoever is the reason for your concern you should try and help them and ease your mind, because otherwise it will bother you for a long time.

If you’re a woman and the man’s face is the first thing you saw it reveals your desire for a partner. If you’re already in a relationship it means that you care for him deeply and have a unique bond. You think about him constantly and the fact that you saw the guy first means that you’re about to experience a positive change in your relationship.


If a crocodile is the first thing you saw it reveals your practical side, which is dominant, and the unpreparedness to take chances in life. You’re overly cautious and often think of the negative aspects in life rather than focusing on the positive. You should enjoy life more and relax, everything will be well.


If a boat is the first thing you saw in the picture you pay attention to details and nothing ever escapes your eye. It also means that you’re creative and always have a unique solution for every problem in life. Just be yourself and don’t let anyone get you down.

Old man

If an old man is the first thing you saw in the picture you’re an emotional and empathetic person, who cares for others. You’ve probably observed the picture from the right, as that’s the angle that reveals the man, which means that your right brain hemisphere is more developed than your left. The right part of the brain is in charge of your creativity, meaning you’re artistically inclined.


If a woman is the first thing you saw in the picture you’re probably more inclined to using your left brain hemisphere. This is the part of the brain that governs your logic and analysis, meaning you’re logical and like to analyze things. You never jump to conclusions and always think twice before making a decision about anything in life. This can be a good thing as long as you don’t overanalyze things and want everything to be exactly as you picture it. Remember that a little spontaneity in life can be good sometimes.


If pillars are the first thing you see in a picture you’re probably always confined to your comfort zone and don’t like to take any chances in life. This can make you miss on a lot of opportunities and lead to dissatisfaction after a while. Step outside your comfort zone sometimes and a whole new world will open up to you. Pillars also reveal that you have a romantic side and like to fantasize.

The silhouettes

If the silhouettes between the pillars are the first thing you saw you’re a person who like to live their life to the fullest. You don’t let anything hold you back and you enjoy meeting new people and going on adventures. You’re also generous, kind and sensitive.


If the faces are the first thing you saw you’re a real people’s person. You want to be in the company of positive peoples, positive energies and people who make you feel good. You’re extremely sensitive to outside stimuli and negative energies which is why you tend to avoid people that get you down. Steer clear of negative people as they can suck your positive energy and make you feel depressed.


If you first saw the candlestick you’re a reserved person who likes to keep to himself. You enjoy spending time at home, in your own company and this is your comfort zone.

A woman

If you first saw the woman with her knees bent and hands behind her head you’re emotionally drained at the moment. You also may feel an inner regret about something and it’s a difficult period in your life at the moment. You may be facing a difficult and important decision that weighs you down.

Seeing the woman first may mean that you’re in a toxic relationship that’s causing you to feel stressed and worried. Find the thing that’s causing you to feel this way and fix it. Relieve yourself of the worries in life and focus on the positive changes you may experience in the future.

A skull

If a skull is the first thing you see in the picture you may find yourself in a difficult position at the moment that seems unsolvable. You’re going through a period in life where all you see are obstacles but you need to gather the strength and overcome the challenges life throws at you. The hard times will pass soon, you need to persevere.

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